Meet The EnerSavings Team

Our Expertise
Explore our diverse team, including engineers, field agents, project managers, & rebate management specialists. Their unique backgrounds & skills contribute to our innovative approach & client-focused solutions.
Our team offers decades of industry experience ensuring efficient processes and exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Our dynamic leadership team boasts a collective experience of 40 years, blending diverse backgrounds and skill sets. They drive innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence at EnerSavings, ensuring impactful results for our clients.

Kevin Lisso

CEO & Co-Founder
Kevin Lisso, CEO & Co-founder with 12+ years in energy management, leads EnerSavings' sales team. Kevin has a proven record of selling over $9M projects in Ontario for the past several years. Committed to sustainability, Kevin drives innovation, secures incentives, and lowers operating costs for businesses.

Navi Salaria

COO & Co-Founder
Navi, with dual master’s in business and a bachelor's in electrical engineering, has a decade of industry experience. Navi manages R&D, IT, analytics, and operations, securing millions in incentives for 500+ clients.

Frank Rosso

CFO & Co-Founder
Frank, a practicing CPA for 15 years, is renowned for ethical business practices in multiple industries. He has mentored successful businesses for over 20 years through his CPA firm.

Our Managerial Team

Our managerial team embodies a dynamic fusion of talents and backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded approach to management. They collaborate seamlessly to drive growth, enhance efficiency, and prioritize client satisfaction, ensuring EnerSavings consistently delivers outstanding results.

Rose Di Luzio

Director of People & Culture
Rose blends her experience in operations, marketing, HR and finance to adeptly handle internal teams, partners, and clients, fostering growth and collaboration.

Olivia D'Elia

Marketing Manager
Olivia drives innovative campaigns and client engagement. Her strategic approach and creativity ensure impactful marketing solutions.

Hugh Morand

Business Development
Hugh heads EnerSavings' Quebec location. With a focus on strategic growth initiatives, he leverages his expertise to drive EnerSavings' presence and impact in the Quebec market.

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