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HVAC System Solutions

50% Energy Bill Savings, 100% Satisfaction

What is an HVAC System Solution?

Business spaces require a healthy indoor environment at comfortable temperatures – they also need to be energy efficient. EnerSavings HVAC System Solutions ensure your existing system gets the perfect upgrade to deliver exactly what you require. Our state-of-the-art Building Automation System (BAS) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) offer perfect climate control and reduce your overall energy consumption and carbon footprint. Check out how installing these solutions is a win-win.

Types of HVAC System Solutions

An automated control system to manage your HVAC system Benefits

  • Be future-ready with historical data
  • Works with existing equipment
  • Remote control diagnostics
  • Completely automated

Key indicators that you need our BAS solutions

  • If your filter is dirty and HVAC performance is low, BAS reminds you to check, clean or replace them.
  • If your building requires customized temperature zones.


  • Highly efficient;
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be used in a variety of applications including Pumps, Boilers, Chillers
  • Avoid Peak Demand Charges
  • Key indicator you need VFD solution
  • If your HVAC equipment is oversized
  • If you’re paying peak demand charges

Hassle-Free Process

If your goal is to reduce operating expenses while lowering carbon footprint, look no further! Give us a call for a free energy assessment and we will educate you on the latest technology and equipment available.
Here’s how it works:

Free Energy Assessment

EnerSavings Field Agents & HVAC Engineers ​ Evaluate Building​


Custom HVAC Proposal

A Detailed HVAC Proposal ​ Presented For ​ Evaluation And Direction​


Tailored Install Plan

A Detailed HVAC Proposal ​ Presented For ​ Evaluation And Direction​


Utility-Rebate Approval

EnerSavings Rebate Team Works With Local Utility Companies + All Levels Of Government to; Administer, Manage & Optimize Your Rebates & Incentives​



Turnkey Installation Starts. Minimal Disruption To ​ Your Business And Property ​


Start Saving

Start Saving Up To 50% On Your ​ Monthly Electricity Bills ​ & Start Saving Our Planet!

Who can

benefit from our Services

Boiler & Chiller Replacements

Problem You’re throwing away thousands to maintain an outdated HVAC sytem Solution
We offer complete replacements for RTC’s Boilers, Chilliers, Cooling towers & MAU’s.

  • Eliminate maintenance & avoid costly repairs.
  • Update outdated HVAC equipment
  • Full replacement of HVAC equipment to avoid costs of parts
  • Implementation of latest HVAC systems

The Future of HVAC as an Industry

The HVAC industry is growing rapidly. With indoor air quality of primary importance after the pandemic, the HVAC industry is set to boom within this decade.

Was a $50.91B industry

Will become $57.27B industry in 7 years

Reduce hvac expenses up to 50%

It’s time for business owners to upgrade their facilities to EnerSaving’s HVAC solutions to reduce operating expenses and GHG emissions.

How it's a Win-


EnerSavings offers energy efficient Lighting Solutions across Canada to reduce lighting bills & GHG emissions.


Save up to 50% on energy bills

Increase Output

Make your HVAC system work harder with BAS & VFD

No Interest Rate

Less than 2-year payback with flexible financing and 0% interest

consume less Resources

Reduced GHG emissions for a healthier environment

made with non-toxic materials

Safe & sustainable recycling & disposal program

reduced CO2

Increased energy efficiency to reduce natural resource consumption

Types of HVAC System Solutions

Governing bodies across Canada provide incentives via Energy Saving Programs. EnerSavings works directly with them to maximize customers’ incentives! With over $2.5M in incentives delivered to 200+ customers, we take care of everything from pre-approval to post-submission of the application procedure. The incentive dollars are directly deposited into your account. Both federal and provincial incentives are available.

An energy efficiency program offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator, SaveOnEnergy utilizes the advantages of its incentives to make your energy-efficient projects more budget-friendly, and reap rewards faster! You can get a maximum of 50% of the eligible project cost. Incentive Offered: $400/kW of Demand Savings or $0.05/kWh of Energy.

ERA’s aim is to accelerate the development of innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to make Alberta more eco-friendly. Their vision is to make Alberta a recognized leader in innovation and technology globally.

The British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority is a Canadian electric utility provider in British Columbia. They operate under the name BC Hydro, and offer rebates up to $10,000 on energy efficient renovations. This includes windows, doors, insulation, space heating, and water heating.


that you may have

How often does an HVAC System need to be serviced?

An HVAC System should ideally be serviced twice a year – once for heating and once for cooling. The filters, coils, motor, and housing are checked, among other things.

Do you perform complete HVAC component replacements?

Yes, we perform replacements for Rooftop Units and Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers & Makeup Air Units which can save you up to 50% on energy!

Is my HVAC equipment increasing COVID-19 risk?

Yes, COVID-19 risk is increased in crowded, inadequately ventilated HVAC Systems in Buildings. Our HVAC solutions remove and dilute virus laden particles from indoor air.

How do I know if I need a new HVAC System?

If your HVAC system is more than 15 years old or requires constant repairs, it’s time to make a switch. We offer HVAC systems with BAS and VFD for optimal performance.

How can I be losing money despite having an HVAC system?

A faulty thermostat and dirty filter are two main reasons that your HVAC isn’t performing efficiently. Regular servicing and frequent changing of filters is a simple solution. However, if you’re upgrading, ensure you do so to an HVAC with BAS and VFD to avoid such problems.

What’s a properly matched system?

Split systems include a variety of factors and not every combination works for each property. Our team of experts identify what combination works best for yours and proceeds to installation accordingly.