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EnerSavings Solutions is eager to lead the charge, assisting Condominium and Commercial Buildings owners across Canada, to navigate the $680 Million Government Z.E.V.I.P fund designed to Create a Cleaner & Greener Canada

TORONTO, Ont. – Businesses and property owners with multi-unit establishments may be eligible for a federal grant subsidizing the creation and improvement of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure – and rebate management experts, EnerSavings Solutions Inc. (ESS) is ready and able to help qualified Canadians quickly and effectively understand and obtain these grant funds.

The Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) will invest $680 million by 2027 to improve access to EV charging stations for EV operators.

“Businesses and properties with multiple units – condominiums, hotels, motels, restaurants, and so on – are eligible for a government grant that will help them create, maintain, and improve EV charging capabilities,” says Kevin Lisso, CEO of EnerSavings Solutions. “This undoubtedly benefits all workers, clients, tenants, and residents with EVs while minimizing costs all around.”

The process of navigating the process and obtaining any amount from this grant fund can be daunting. The Request for Proposals (RFP) period ends as of August 11, 2022 – giving further applicants a narrow window to file.

However, ESS is committed to assisting prospective applicants in navigating and completing the approval process.

“Our focus here is to help owners or managers of eligible businesses and properties obtain and make the most of this grant fund,” says Lisso. “We can make this process smooth and seamless for applicants so that they may achieve their energy goals, without passing any costs down to the driver, and relieving them of any frustration that may stem from the process itself.”

For more information about the ZEVIP grant, visit nrcan.gc.ca/energy-efficiency/transportation-alternative-fuels/zero-emission-vehicle-infrastructure-program.

For more information about EnerSavings Solutions Inc. and its products and services, visit enersavings.com.

To schedule a complimentary ’EV-Ready Site Assessment’’ please visit https://enersavings.com/ev-charging/

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About EnerSavings Solutions Inc.:

EnerSavings is a national leading, energy-efficiency company dedicated to improving, protecting, and saving the planet we inhabit. Committed to decarbonizing Canada, the distinguished leadership team retains 40+ years of energy management experience, delivering energy-efficient solutions to the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Multi-Residential Building sectors.  Leveraging the experience and expertise developed over the past few decades in the lighting, water, solar, and HVAC sectors, EnerSavings Solutions (ESS) is poised to lead the emerging Electric Vehicle/Charger market in Canada with turn-key solutions to save money, time, and energy for Canadians. In partnership with the trusted energy and installation experts at Stream Energy Systems (Subsidiary of Bert’s Electric), and Electric Asset Inc., Enersavings Solutions has developed building-specific, obtainable, sustainable, and responsible EV-Ready solutions to serve existing and new condominiums and hotels.  The partnership delivers insight-based, technically tailored solutions, comprised of on-site EV-Ready assessments, contemporary equipment recommendations, and seamless installations. EnerSavings Solutions’ mission – save Canadians precious energy,time, and money today, save our communities, cities, nation, environment, and the planet tomorrow – one site, one building, one car, and one Canadian at a time.

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