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Ways Companies Benefit from the Watergate Valve

Business owners are constantly searching for ways to improve upon their current operations, and often the first place they search is revenue generation through sales. However, there are a few other avenues a company can take.

  1. Innovation to improve products and/or services
    1. Differentiate from competitors by finding their niche
    1. Lower expenses, including basic utility costs

Once a company has created the best product possible or implemented processes to ensure their services provided are near flawless, they must then turn to the lowering of expenses. Taking into consideration the many differing factors to achieve lowered expenses, this can be a daunting task for companies. Here’s how the Watergater Valve can help.

Advantages of the Watergater Valve

Business owners and property managers are often unaware of the causes behind high water bills, outside of overuse. What is not commonly discussed is the air in the water lines, inflating these costs. EnerSavings flow management device, the Watergater Valve, compresses the air in the water line for a more accurate reading. There are further perks that are included with the use of the Watergater Valve.

  • Decrease water bills by up to 25%
    • NSF/ANSI 61-G & 372 Certified
    • 180-day money back guarantee
    • 10-year manufacturer warranty
    • Calcification resistant
    • Free of operating costs

After many years of research, the stainless steel Watergater Valve was designed based on Boyle’s Law and the Principles of Fluid Dynamics. Let’s delve deeper into the science responsible for our proprietary technology.

The Science Behind the Watergater Valve

As Boyle’s Law states, pressure and volume are inversely proportional. When you add pressure to particulate matter, it will compress and this is how the Watergater Valve is designed to function.

Currently, if a water meter measures 25 litres, the company is actually only getting use of 20 litres of water due to the differential of 5 litres of air.   

As water flows into the Watergater Valve, it enters the compression zone. By adding pressure to matter, in this case water, it reduces the volume by creating an area too dense for air to pass through.

The following case studies highlight how some companies have taken advantage of the Watergater Valve.

Companies Benefitting from the Watergater Valve

From automobiles to construction and textiles to food production, companies from a variety of industries are utilizing this innovative technology across Canada and the United States. Here are their case studies.

  1. Conestoga Meats, Canada
    Conestoga Meats, a leading pork producer with headquarters in Toronto, ON, operates across 120 farms. As a farmer owned brand, they believe in providing their customers with the highest quality, hormone-free pork.
     – Inflated water bills year over year
     – Increased operating costs
    Results of Watergater Valve Installation
     – Annual savings: over $181k
     – Reduced water consumption: 23% on average
     – Return on investment: 95%
     – Simple payback: 1 year

    1. Ajax Textile, North America
      A top producer of dyeing and finishing services for the fabric and textile industry, one that demands high water usage, Ajax Textile works with over 2,000 businesses in North America.
       – High water consumption operating a facility of over 100,000 sq. ft.
      Results of Watergater Valve Installation
       – Annual savings: over $124k
       – Reduced water consumption: 18% on average
       – Return on investment: 179%
       – Simple payback: 6.7 months

    1. Rockwood Holdings, Canada
      A market leader in chemical manufacturing throughout the United States and Canada, Rockwood Holdings uses cutting-edge technology and high quality materials for superior products.
       – Consumption of large amounts of water during chemical process has lead to increased water bills
      Results of Watergater Valve Installation
       – Annual savings: over $67k
       – Reduced water consumption: 23% on average
       – Return on investment: 128%
       – Simple payback: 5.3 months

    1. Plankraft Inc., Canada
      Plankraft Inc. is a construction company that specializes in end-to-end renovations for commercial, industrial and retail properties, with headquarters in Etobicoke, ON but clients across Canada.
       – Many construction sites, each with high water bills
      Results of Watergater Valve Installation
       – Annual savings: over $57k
       – Reduced water consumption: 26% on average
       – Simple payback: 6 months

    1. The Vollrath Company
      Founded in 1874, this privately held family owned business is one of the oldest food service supply manufacturers and has clients across multiple industries including hospitality, healthcare and retail.
       – Metered water was very expensive
       – High sewer expenses
      Results of Watergater Installation
       – Air reduction from water delivery: From 10% to 0%
       – Annual savings: $28k

While these examples highlight the effectiveness of the Watergater Valve y reducing operating expenses, EnerSavings has a preferred, strategic partnership with Watergater. As the only provider within Canada licensed to install the Watergater Valve, we’ve helped countless companies across the country.

Our Customers

EnerSavings is proud to be a pioneer in helping brands reduce their water bills with the Watergater Valve. The below highlights how our customers have benefitted.

  1. Prime Real Estate Group Inc.
    With 20+ years in the construction industry, Prime Real Estate Group Inc. has a proven growth and success track record by managing and leasing around 3M sq. ft. of commercial, retail and office properties.
     – Multiple properties with high water bills became difficult to manage
    Results of Watergater Valve Installation
     – Annual savings: over $53k
     – Reduced water consumption: 27%
     – Return on investment: 80%
     – Simple payback: 7 months

    1. MenRes Property Management Inc.
      Setting themselves apart by including a dedicated on-site representative and 24/7 property accessibility 365 days a year, MenRes Property Management manages residential condominiums across Canada.
       – High water expenses
      Results of Watergater Valve Installation
       – Annual savings: over $45k
       – Reduced water consumption: 29% on average

Contact EnerSavings today, Watergater’s exclusive partner in Canada, to find out how you can implement this cost saving technology.

EnerSavings – Your Trusted Energy Advisors

At EnerSavings, our experts will give you a free property assessment and custom proposal, outlining what you can expect from start to finish, including the cost reduction of up to 25% after installation. Reach out to schedule your assessment at 1-800-874-3470 or via email at info@enersavings.com. For more information, visit us at www.enersavings.com/water-valves.

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