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What is The Watergater Valve®?

Any business can enjoy cost savings on water consumption with the EnerSavings WaterGater Valve®.

When water meter(s) measure consumption, they are taking readings not just of the water flowing through – any air in the lines will be registered as well, increasing readings and ultimately your utility bill. 


By condensing the air in your lines, the WaterGater Valve® ensures that you are only paying for water – not air.

We are confident that you will see results after installation, and offer a 10-year warranty and 180-day moneyback guarantee – no questions asked.

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Is there really air in water?

As much as 25% of the volume in your water lines can be composed of air. The actual volume depends on factors like temperature, turbulence, pressure, and the condition of the system itself.

Why am I paying for the air in my water lines?

Water meters typically measure the total volume of water flow, which can contain varying levels of air. 

Your water meter cannot tell the difference, and will provide readings based on the level of air in your lines.

This means higher utility costs - paying for air when you should be paying for water.

How much can I save by installing a WaterGater Valve®?

You can save up to 25% of your total cost of water consumption by installing the WaterGater Valve.

Does installing a WaterGater Valve® alter my system's compliance with safety standards and regulations?

Not at all! The WaterGater Valve® is certified for NSF/ANSI 61-G & 372 requirements.

enersavings in action
case study – MENKES


In business for 65 years, Menkes is a leading real estate development company, committed to shaping Toronto’s landscape.  

  • Water-intensive business and industry
  • Sought to minimize utilities consumption and costs

The Enersavings solution

By opting for an EnerSavings WaterGater Valve Solution®, Menkes knew they could count on:

    • Accurate assessments of cost savings based on their specific business needs
    • Lowest possible installation costs with the help of EnerSavings Rebate Specialists
    • Expert installation that meets all safety and utility standards, and minimal disruption to business or operations
    • Optimal savings on regular water consumption costs


To minimize water consumption (and costs), Menkes made the right decision – with the EnerSavings WaterGater Valve installed:

  • $47,197 in average annual savings on water costs
  • 137% return on investment (ROI)
  • 8.7 months simple payback