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Charging Fees (Set by Strata:)

  • Monthly Monitoring Fee:      $19.95/month
  • Cost of Electricity:                 $0.15/kWh

EV Charging Station

Early Bird Discount – Order a charging station now & save.

  • Price:  $3,832
  • Early Bird Discount:  $629
  • Net Price:  $3,203 (+GST)
  • Early Bird Discount applies to all EV charging stations installed during the initial infrastructure upgrade phase of the project.
  • Regular price valid for all installation through December 31, 2023.

Each installation includes all the required components:

  • Level 2 EV Charging Station
  • Junction Box
  • Cord Hanger
  • 25’ charging cord
  • Universal J-1772 plug
  • Wheel Stop

Charging Fees – Energy & Service Fees

  • When the EV charger is activated for use the owner is billed $19.95/month by Unico Power (the service provider & network administrator) for monitoring & reporting as well as $0.15/kWh for the actual energy used for charging each month.  The money collected by Unico Power for charging is paid to Strata to cover the energy cost.

Note:  User fees only apply to activated EVSE’s.

  • If someone installs an EVSE for future use, there are no fees until it is activated for use.
  • An activated EVSE can be deactivated (EV or home is sold/extended travel, etc.) for periods greater than one (1) month.
  • There are no activation, deactivation or extra startup fees.

Charger Activation

  • After the EV charger has been installed, tested & commissioned, each owner will receive an email from Unico Power with instructions on how to setup your user account & activate the charger.
  • This can be done by the owner/tenant who would then be billed directly for the monthly fee.
  • The signup process is very quick & easy and done online.
  • Setup Steps (after the introductory email is received):
    • Log onto the Unico Power Website.
    • Setup a user account.
    • Agree to pay the fees (as per Strata).
    • Provide a credit/debit card.
  • You will then receive access to the Unico App site where you can activate their charger, see their consumption and ongoing costs, etc.
    • The account setup process is a one-time requirement.
    • Once setup, the EVSE can be activated by simply pressing “Start Charge” from any mobile device.
  • EV Charger Lockout Default Function:
    • To prevent unauthorized use of EV chargers, each time the nozzle if unplugged from the vehicle, the charger goes into “locked” mode and can only be activated by the registered owner or user authorized by the owner.

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