The Watergater Valve

Flexible Financing & Leasing

EnerSavings offers flexible financing options for all our client's needs. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with a solution that allows clients energy savings to pay for their energy retrofit with NO CAPITAL investment. Programs include deferred payments, 0% interest and flexible terms, so no cash flow required. 'Basically, hydro savings offset payments with a neutral cash flow position.' No upfront costs, no budgets required. We make it simple and easy for anyone to afford an energy retrofit.


EnerSavings’ vision is to make the earth greener for generations to come and the mission is to reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost efficiency with no capital investment required. With over a decade of experience behind our experts, we are committed to ensure our customers’ infrastructure can function at its peak while becoming more and more energy efficient. With our continued work with lighting equipment and infrastructure, we have also focussed our energies on another important resource – water. Water needs to be tactfully consumed – both to save water and to save money that flows with it. To help our customers do that, we are introducing the EnerSavings Smart Valve to manage water consumption.

EnerSavings Smart Valve uses the latest technology to increase the density of water running through a meter which improves meter accuracy. To increase water density, the Smart Valve compresses the air in the water flow as it is being metered. It drastically improves the efficiency of upstream water meter. An additional benefit is the elimination of turbulence that typically accompanies water passing through valves.

The Watergater Valve is installed after the water meter, which helps it manage water flow. It stops the customer from being charged for the volume of air present in your water. It does so by keeping the water meter operating within its designed flow range by adjusting water pressure during usage. the Watergater Valve prevents pressure drops from water usage from reaching the water meter. When there is a surge in the pressure, it reduces over-supply caused by higher-than-desired city pressure.

How It Works

The Watergater Valve maintains a pressurized column of water upstream to the water meter that collapses any air present before it reaches the meter. It prevents pressure drops due to user demand from reaching the meter. It also keeps the flow rate within the range the meter was designed to accurately operate. It helps reduce excessively high water pressure and eliminates over consumption in such a scenario. To put it simply, it acts as a shock absorber against pressure surges and drops.

The Watergater Valve is a universal size and fit device, which means it can be fit anywhere without any hassle. It is easy to install as well. A local, licensed plumber can install it for you. The Watergater Valve is an “install and save device” – once you install it, you do not have to worry about it at all.

Watergater Valve is calibrated to the user system AFTER it is installed. Users can easily adjust it to find the ideal setting for them, with no interruption to their water valve. If there is a severe pressure drop, like in the case of a city main break, it allows the user to turn on “Zero Effect mode”.

The Process:

  1. Free Audit: We evaluate your facility’s existing water consumption with previous 12 months water bills. We determine the sizing of the main water line for retrofitting WatergaterValve.
  2. Custom Proposal: Our detailed customized proposal will allow you to see paybacks, ROIs, and reduction in water consumption. In most cases, paybacks on Watergater Valve are less than 1 year.
  3. Install Plan: Installation is simple, quick, and in most cases, less than 4 hours. Watergater Valve is installed 3 feet after the water meter and ranges in sizing from 2 to 8 inches.
  4. Start Saving: Save up to 30% on your water bill from day 1!

Additional Benefits:

  • Save 15 to 40% on your water bill.
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • ROI of 4 to 12 months
  • 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • No Maintenance
  • No Operating Costs