Professionally Customized Proposal

Flexible Financing & Leasing

EnerSavings offers flexible financing options for all our client's needs. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with a solution that allows clients energy savings to pay for their energy retrofit with NO CAPITAL investment. Programs include deferred payments, 0% interest and flexible terms, so no cash flow required. 'Basically, hydro savings offset payments with a neutral cash flow position.' No upfront costs, no budgets required. We make it simple and easy for anyone to afford an energy retrofit.


Our team of electrical engineers and certified lighting professionals is committed to providing a sustainable and tailored energy-saving solution, so our customers reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost the efficiency & bottom line with no capital investment required. The customized proposals created by us include, but not limited to, energy savings summary, financial summary, existing equipment report with energy-efficient solutions, financing payment plans, and an environmental impact report.

How It Works

To generate a detailed and graphic-packed proposal we use, SnapCount – A cloud-based software. We will analyze the audit data collected from your facility using the same software and calculate your energy savings based on your existing lighting load, utility rate, and hours of operation. We will look into every minor detail of your facility before proposing a suitable retrofit for the existing lighting. Prior to suggesting a solution, we consider the following details: images of the existing fixture, voltage, current light level, facility type, ceiling type, the height where existing fixtures are mounted, mounting type, fixture arrangement, racking layout, pole type, etc. We will pay closer attention to the type of tasks in each area/space before providing a correct replacement as per the lighting codes and standards. We also determine if the facility requires smart building controls and suggest a few cost-effective options.

Once certified, lighting professionals analyze the foresaid conditions before they start proposing viable solutions with tier-1 Products. We only propose DLC Premium and Energy Star rated Products that maximize the life cycle, minimize operating cost, and which will provide our customers with the maximum incentives available. Our proposal outlines the following information:

  • Material Costs
  • Installation Costs
  • Recycle / Disposal Costs
  • Available Incentives
  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Savings
  • HVAC Savings
  • Projected Payback and ROI
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Sample Proposal Required