Lighting Design & Consulting

Flexible Financing & Leasing

EnerSavings offers flexible financing options for all our client's needs. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with a solution that allows clients energy savings to pay for their energy retrofit with NO CAPITAL investment. Programs include deferred payments, 0% interest and flexible terms, so no cash flow required. 'Basically, hydro savings offset payments with a neutral cash flow position.' No upfront costs, no budgets required. We make it simple and easy for anyone to afford an energy retrofit.


Our versatile team of engineers, architects, and designers offers comprehensive services. We plan and advise in the field of lighting and how your facility would perform once the upgrade is completed. Our approach is user-oriented with the value placed on superior products. We can design your indoor and outdoor lighting layouts for commercial, industrial, residential, and office high-rise buildings along with prestige outdoor lighting in public spaces. The use of light can be very versatile, and we help you to plan a perfect lighting layout to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us and we will design and engineer the perfect lighting solution for your facility and offer expert advice and support. We use the industry’s best tools to maximize lighting output and minimize operating costs. Our state-of-the-art technology in design tools such as SnapCount, AutoCAD, DIALux Evo, and AGI32 offer the best results in the industry.

All we need is your facility’s floor plan (preferably CAD files), including racking layouts, if any. Our lighting design report has the count of the newly proposed fixtures, lux levels, details of the new fixtures, and installation details. We will also show the 3D rendering views of your facility where the design has been done to give you an idea as to how the facility will look after the installation.

How It Works

Our team of professional lighting designers analyze the existing lighting layout and propose a new or re-designed lighting layout to provide the customer with better illuminance and the best ambient environment at their facility. Redesigning existing lighting layouts includes complete transformation in providing the best results.

Use of the latest lighting designing technologies such as DAILux Evo, AGI32 which have always shown the best results to our company. Some of the top reviews were based on the following transformations:

  • Best Lighting Layout.
  • Best Ambient Lighting.
  • Best 3D rendering view of how it will look.
  • Best Quality lighting assured.
  • Future view of the transformed facility.