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EnerSavings offers flexible financing options for all our client's needs. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with a solution that allows clients energy savings to pay for their energy retrofit with NO CAPITAL investment. Programs include deferred payments, 0% interest and flexible terms, so no cash flow required. 'Basically, hydro savings offset payments with a neutral cash flow position.' No upfront costs, no budgets required. We make it simple and easy for anyone to afford an energy retrofit.


With our incredible engineers and their immense experience, EnerSavings has become Canada’s leading LED lighting retrofit company. It was about time that we expanded our offerings to growers after serving corporations and businesses. Lighting infrastructure for growing legal cannabis is not too far away from our area of expertise – lighting. We want to ensure that we become the one-stop-shop for our customers’ lighting solutions requirements and LED growing lights is another avenue for us to cater to our customers’ needs.

LED lighting systems have rapidly become a requirement in commercial cannabis production. While it is still a young market, cultivators are not fully aware of best practices in facility design or business operations. Thus, the majority of the industry recognizes LEDs as the most practical option towards sustainable cannabis growth.

Benefits of LED Grow Lights

Why are LED lighting systems being used more and more in growing cannabis?

  • It has become much cheaper as a resource over the years, trickling down from $80 in 2009 to less than $5 in 2021
  • Additionally, LED lights can reduce electricity consumption by 24 to 30 percent per square foot of grow area across each category of indoor horticulture.
  • LED lights top the charts in the categories for light efficiency – lifespan, energy use, and heat emission.
  • The unparalleled control of light intensity, spectrum, and low heat emission that LEDs offer also help cannabis plant expression increase bud yield and modify cannabinoid and terpene profiles.
  • This gives the grower maximum control of their plant and its quality.
  • All these factors, in turn, improve KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that drive revenue. These include increased production cycles, improved yield, more uniform consistency, and reduced cost-per-pound, all while keeping operational costs low.

What was used before LED grow lights and how do LEDs compare to that?

Before LED grow lights came to the fore, HPS or high-pressure sodium lighting systems were used. The high-intensity discharge (HID) technology of the HPS has been the norm across the cannabis industry. While there is little to complain about on the merits of HPS on its own, there are a few reasons why there is a strong shift towards LEDs.

  • Some of the merits that the latter provide over HPS are improved efficiency, monetary savings, lighting spectrum control, and higher light intensity.
  • The upfront cost of LED grow lights might be more than HPS’s and that might scare a lot of people. The thing to note is that through their lifetime, LEDs not only save money but also recover the initial higher investment multiple times over.
  • It all boils down to efficiency. The HPS can deliver about 1-1.7 µmol/joule, whereas LEDs can achieve about 2.8 µmol/joule.

As observed by a study conducted by Allison Justice, Phd. in plant science from Clemson, where she attempted to control factors such as nutrients, water, HVAC, pest control and CO2:

“The pound per fixture yields were 2.53 vs 2.01 when comparing the LED and HPS (respectively). While HPS and LED had nearly identical terpene yields, plants grown under the LED tested at 20.8% THC while the HPS plants tested at 19%…. the reduced temperature load of the LED lights also allowed cultivators to keep the fixtures closer to plants. With this improvement, they were able to stack two layers of plants vertically in a building— effectively doubling the cultivation space.”

At the end of it, there are clear factors that make LEDs a better lighting source for your cannabis plants than HPS:

  • Better efficiency
  • HVAC requirements reduction
  • Longer life, reduced maintenance
  • Vertical growing and control

If you require further detail on how LED grow lights outperform HPS lighting system, refer to the following study:

Runkle, E., Bugbee, B. Plant Lighting Efficiency and Efficacy: µmol·J–1 Greenhouse Product News. July 2017. https://www.canr.msu.edu/floriculture/uploads/files/lighting-efficacy.pdf

How it works

Our team of professional lighting experts analyze the existing lighting conditions & energy usage to provide the customer with better illuminance, best ambient environment & the best energy savings at their facility. Our customized proposal will include detailed information about the energy saving, LED benefits for fasted harvest time, reduction in maintenance costs & also benefits to improve growth & yield of crops.

The Process:

Step 1 – Facility Assessment
Assessing lighting condition of existing facility & specific needs

Step 2 – Lighting Design & Consultation
Obtain the lighting plan to find precise information of grow area and desired micromoles

Step 3 – Custom proposal
Your proposal includes a customized lighting recommendation, ROI and payback calculations

Step 4 – Install Plan
Walkthrough and schedule an appointment

Step 5 – Start Saving
Save up to 75% on your lighting electricity usage with quality LEDs

Other Applications:

EnerSavings LED Grow Lights can be used for growing cannabis, fruits, vegetables, and other plants in indoor and greenhouse settings. Similarly, it can be used for non-business and personal horticulture as well. It makes for the best investment for both professional growers and hobbyists equally.