Building Assessment

Flexible Financing & Leasing

EnerSavings offers flexible financing options for all our client's needs. The goal is to be able to provide our customers with a solution that allows clients energy savings to pay for their energy retrofit with NO CAPITAL investment. Programs include deferred payments, 0% interest and flexible terms, so no cash flow required. 'Basically, hydro savings offset payments with a neutral cash flow position.' No upfront costs, no budgets required. We make it simple and easy for anyone to afford an energy retrofit.


EnerSavings Inc. offers a no-cost engineered energy assessment of your facility. It is an investigative process that measures conditions against existing standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be proposed. Please click here for more information regarding the steps we follow while conducting an energy assessment for your facility

How It Works

An initial building assessment is the first and the most crucial step of the lighting upgrade process. Once completed, it will provide you with a baseline of what is already installed in your facility that is contributing to the energy consumption. Conducting a lighting audit can help you implement cost-effective changes to benefit your business or facility and give you a better handle on an expected project cost and return on investment. EnerSavings Inc. uses best class tools (SnapCount, by Streamlinx) to accurately collect data.

Collect General Information

Collect floorplans or reflected ceiling plans for the facility that show fixture locations and room dimensions (length, width, ceiling heights, and areas in feet). Be aware that renovation work may have altered original floorplans and/or reflected ceiling plans. Also, gather as much information as possible about the building and its history; try to determine what future plans there are, if any, for the building as far as layout. Also, to conduct an extensive existing energy consumption analysis, we will request a copy of your most recent hydropower bill.

Collect Occupant / Usage Information

An excellent way to learn about how occupants feel about their lighting system is with a survey, which we will determine by asking the following questions:
  • "Do you have trouble with light reflecting off your computer screen?"
  • "Do you have shadows or glare in the production areas?"
  • "Do your inspection stations meet your client's lighting condition specifications?"
  • "Does your warehouse racking run perpendicular to your lighting fixture location?"
  • "Does the parking garage have dark areas/corners where tenants feel unsafe?"
  • "Are there areas or rooms where the lights are always on, and no one occupies them?"