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Power of Zero:

Pocket Friendly Energy Management

Businesses have many expenses that can vary from industry to industry. However, there are a few that every owner must deal with to keep daily operations running smoothly. Outside of the need for broadband and telephony communication networks, waste disposal and general maintenance, the three primary utilities essential to all businesses are electricity, water, and natural gas. Individually, each of these expenses is easily manageable but every business owner/operator knows, they add up quickly, comprising a large portion of operating costs. Companies have attempted to cut costs over the years through different methods with little success but an often overlooked way is also the most effective. Energy management solutions reduce costs significantly, as well as help lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for more eco-friendly operations. Due to high upfront fees, business owners and managers have sought to avoid implementation of these solutions. At EnerSavings, we’ve made it our mission to bring energy management solutions to companies across Canada by eliminating that apprehension.

Zero Capital, Zero Interest

When relating to outgoing expenses, zero can bring a smile to any business owner or property manager’s face. With infinite possibilities from an investment point of view, businesses that are unable to afford large down payments can proceed with long overdue upgrades and retrofits. EnerSavings wants to make reduced operating expenses of at least 25% accessible by offering energy management solutions such as LED lighting, the Watergater Valve, Grow Lights, HVAC Systems, and EV Charging Stations. Here’s how we can help bring these savings to your company.

  1. Zero Capital

Generally, acquiring energy management solutions will require sizable upfront costs, an amount determined by your requirements and affected by many more factors. This also means you won’t be benefiting from the highest return on investment (ROI) that should be available to you. EnerSavings believes so strongly in our solutions, we operate differently.

  • Our Zero Capital Program means your company does not need to make any down payment for our energy management solutions.
  • We give you the opportunity to choose one or multiple services, giving your organization the power it needs to make the best decision for future sustainability.
  • Since utility bills and GHG emissions begin to decrease from day one, your company will not only be more profitable, but eco-friendly too.
  • Zero Investment

All good investments should payback investors over a period time, hopefully at an increase. To proceed with these options, a business is usually required to provide a lump sum amount of money, which can be difficult for many companies. We said before we believe in our solutions, and we mean it.

  • With our Zero Percent Finance Plan, companies can benefit from energy management solutions similar to a leasing plan.
  • Step 1: After choosing your energy management solution(s), pay no upfront fees.
  • Step 2: Start saving and increase earnings from day one post installation.
  • Step 3: Benefit from up to 25% reduced utility bills and even use those savings as part of your monthly installment payments.

An often used calculation is simple payback, helping determine the time it will take for your energy management solution to begin making money for your business. It also provides understanding of the financing terms, with shorter payback periods making your investment that much better. If you’re wondering how your company can capitalize on this opportunity, contact EnerSavings today.

Your Trusted Energy Advisors

A leading energy management company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, we have brought energy solutions to companies across Canada. Striving to reduce operating expenses and eliminate GHG emissions, we offer LED lighting, the Watergater Valve, Grow Lights, HVAC Systems, and EV Charging Stations. Evolution is essential for businesses and the future is green. For these reasons, EnerSavings has made these pocket and eco-friendly solutions easily available. To learn more, visit us at www.enersavings.com or check us out on LinkedIn. If you’re ready to move forward with your free audit and custom proposal, contact us at 1-800-874-3470 or info@enersavings.com. Together, we can build a greener tomorrow.

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