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Lighting Solutions: How Companies Benefit

Businesses have always had the goal of maintaining operation costs through managing revenue and expenses. As the effects of climate change continue to develop and we become more aware of our contributions to the damage, a new goal has emerged, sustainability. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through modifications to our every day habits can make a significant impact. Since utilities, such as electricity, are recurring monthly expenses that all facilities rely on, the opportunity to reduce operating costs in addition to emissions is not one that should be passed over. LED lights have emerged as an ideal solution to resolve both issues.

Benefits of Lighting Solutions

In the beginning, there were many myths about LED lights and their functions. Most thought they were too expensive, not bright enough or that it took longer for them to light up. However, each one of these myths has been debunked.

  1. Lighting bills can be reduced by up to 75%
  2. Reduce GHG emissions with up 90% more energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs
  3. Light up instantly
  4. About 20% cooler than compared to CFL bulbs
  5. Can have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours

It was no easy feat overcoming the myths surrounding LEDs, but it is now known how beneficial they are, and major corporations are retrofitting their business spaces with LED lights.

Invested Companies

Across the world, companies have transitioned to LED lighting to do their part in helping the environment, while benefitting financially at the same time. A wide range of industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, and beloved brands have made their commitment to a greener tomorrow known, by making the switch.

  1. Toronto’s Exhibition Place

A renowned venue for trade shows and expos, the Toronto Exhibition Place has visitors from around the world on a constant basis from a variety of industries, meaning a continuous use of lighting.


  • Reduce lighting bills
  • Showcase green technology


  • The pedestrian walkway was retrofitted with 50 smart LED lights
  • Motion detectors allow the path to brighten only when necessary


  • Energy consumption was lowered by over 70% compared to previous high-pressure sodium lights
  • Reduced maintenance costs by 85%
  • Minimized light pollution through the use of motion sensors
  • Walmart

A brand that is known nearly everywhere in North America, Walmart sits atop the Fortune 500 list in the number 1 spot. Selling consumer packaged goods and electronics, among other items, their supercenters are a staple to many communities.


  • Reduce lighting bill
  • Reinvest the saved money into further expansion


  • Replace all fluorescent fixtures across the organization, including parking lots, with LED lights
  • Install LED lights within refrigeration displays to lower energy consumption and costs by an additional 30 to 60%


  • Reduced energy costs by up $200 million over time
  • 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent lights
  • Multiples stores are in the process of becoming LEED certified
  • Google

A company that has become a verb synonymous with ‘search’, the popular search engine has surpassed trademark brand level success. Google, and its subsidiaries, have 7.5M sq. ft. of offices in more than 40 different countries.


  • Obtain LEED certification
  • Reduce operating expenses


  • Install functional and decorative LED lights in all new offices
  • Retrofit existing offices with LED lights


  • 4 million square feet of LEED certified buildings, of which 1.2 million sq. ft. are rated Platinum and 2.6 million sq. ft. rated Gold
  • Office in Dublin achieved Ireland’s first Platinum certification
  • Starbucks

With 60 offices in the United States alone and 34,317 open stores around the world, Starbucks is a world-famous coffeehouse chain. Their premium products are ethically sourced, and they have set many 2030 commitments to reduce their carbon, water, and waste footprints. Customers not only enjoy the handcrafted beverages, but the comfortable ambience also has them spending an average of an hour when in store.


  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Lower C02 emissions


  • Partnership with General Electric to develop LED lights
  • Designed to fit existing fixtures to keep retrofitting costs low to ensure all stores received replacement lights


  • Over $4M of annual savings on lighting bills
  • Each 1,000 sq. ft. store is estimated to eliminate, on average, the equivalent of 10 barrels of oil
  • Marks and Spencer

A British multinational retailer, Marks and Spencer’s specializes in selling clothes, beauty, home, and food products in over 5,000 stores worldwide.


  • Lower lighting bill expenses
  • Commit to a sustainable future
  • Reach net-zero emissions by 2040


  • Increase energy efficiency and improve atmosphere with LED lights
  • Intelligent and innovative control system to help conserve energy
  • Sensors automatically dim the lights when enough natural light is present


  • Sustainable strategy provided a net benefit of $625M GBP
  • Annual energy savings of over $30M GBP

These brands have all taken steps to achieving their goals through the implementation of LED lighting, while seeing economic benefits and sustainable achievements.

EnerSavings, Helping Businesses in Canada

As Canada’s trusted energy advisors, EnerSavings Inc. has retrofitted properties across the country with LED lighting, not only reducing lighting bills but GHG emissions for a more sustainable future.

  1. Victoria Manor

Located in Lindsay, Ontario, Victoria Manor is an assisted living facility, home to 166 residents in need of long-term care and in some cases, requiring sophisticated medical equipment.


  • Continually increasing light bills and operating expenses
  • High number of lights burning out regularly
  • Resident safety at risk
  • Disrupted resident sleeping habits


  • Existing lights replaced with LED tubes
  • Innovative luminaire controls for ambience and task lighting


  • Annual energy consumption reduced by 508,006 kWh
  • Savings of $81,281 on electricity costs and $24,107 in maintenance fees
  • 39.9% return on investment
  • 1.3 years simple payback
  • ADS Canada

Developing state-of-the-art products and services, ADS Canada helps solve storm water management and sanitary sewer challenges. Setting industry-wide standards for quality, durability, and performance, they have over 58 manufacturing plants and 29 distribution centers worldwide.


  • Rising operating expenses and increased lighting bills
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Boost employee productivity


  • Uniform lighting with the installation of LED lights


  • Annual savings of $85,671
  • Eliminated $19,944 in annual maintenance fees
  • 1.1 years average payback
  • Received incentives totaling $25,817.61
  • Reduced CO2 by 398,368 kgs, which is equivalent to 148,130 litres of gasoline or 48 homes annual energy usage

As seen by these case studies, industry leaders and household brands are making the commitment to a brighter future and your business can too.

Get in Touch

EnerSavings Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and we specialize in energy management solutions, such as LED lighting installations or retrofits. Not only do we start the process with a free property assessment followed by a custom proposal, but we’ve partnered with local utility companies to help maximize government rebates. Visit us at enersavings.com or reach out via email to info@enersavings.com and we’ll help reduce your lighting bills by up to 75% and lower your GHG emissions at the same time. Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

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