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Save up to 75% ON lighting costs!

leading the way in led
enersavings lighting solutions

An EnerSavings LED solution provides the ideal indoor lighting atmosphere.

Each solution is custom-designed based on the unique requirements of your building or business.

State-of-the-art controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust lighting settings across any number of areas, at any time.

The EnerSavings team works closely with government agencies and utility organizations to make sure your business gets the most out of any and all rebates and incentives that are available when it comes to improving your lighting system – minimizing upfront costs of upgrading. And with improved reliability and sustainability, you can count on reduced recurring costs like maintenance and parts replacement.


Find out how EnerSavings can help identify savings opportunities, and provide the optimal system upgrade at the lowest cost to your business.

reasons why
your lighting system needs an upgrade

The reasons to upgrade to an EnerSavings lighting solution are many, and easily outweighed by the benefits and results.

reasons to upgrade

If your system is using fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, or HID bulbs (among others), it's probably time for an upgrade. Even LED-based systems that are 7-10 years old can benefit greatly from efficiency improvements.

Older systems are more susceptible to failures that will need repairs. And the more dated your system is, the less likely that the parts it needs are available (due to lower production, distribution, and circulation) - driving up your maintenance costs even further.

Besides being inefficient, having inadequate lighting can impact your business' productivity, or even pose risks to your guests and employees if it is not up to code.

Depending on characteristics like size, design, and distribution (among others), your lighting system could be emitting excessive levels of heat. This will affect your indoor climate, and drive up HVAC costs as well.

Many business owners overlook or underestimate the carbon dioxide emissions that fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs produce.

The financial rebates and incentives that are available can fluxuate in value - or even be cancelled entirely - depending on changes to government policy.

benefits of upgrading

A lighting system upgraded with EnerSavings boasts the latest technology in LED and system controls. This means far better efficiency, more responsive controls, tighter automations, and lower energy costs overall.

Enjoy making far fewer maintenance calls and payments to maintenance bills with an upgraded system that is more reliable and less demanding. 

With variable lighting technology and controls, you can set the perfect level of illumination for any number of areas across your building or business. And with automation capabilities, you can set custom patterns that will automatically adjust lighting levels based on your specific needs.

Enjoy minimal heat output to maintain a more comfortable - and less costly - operations environment for staff and guests.

Upgrading to LED bulbs means drastically reduced emissions, reducing overall carbon footprint.

EnerSavings experts make sure you get the most out of any and all rebates and incentives that are available to you, dramatically reducing the cost of upgrading.

the enersavings
simple 6-step process

Upgrading your HVAC system with EnerSavings is quick and simple. Our experts and partners handle everything from start to finish, so you can focus on business as usual with minimal disruption.



Our clients can expect reduced energy costs (up to 75% on lighting), minimal maintenance costs, improved efficiency and controls, and improved guest and employee satisfaction. 

Depending on your current lighting system the benefits of LED lighting may include reduced power/energy consumption, carbon footprints, and heat outputs. 

You will also be able to set controls and automations quickly and easily, letting your system run itself to best suit your business and operations.

We provide customized LED lighting solutions that are designed to suit the specific requirements of your facilities. 

enersavings in action
case study – prime real estate group


Prime Real Estate Group Inc. is a full-service property management company with a twenty-year track record of success and growth.

  •  Manages and leases approximately three million square feet across retail, commercial, and office properties 
  • Clear need to improve energy efficiency and minimize lighting costs across all properties
  • Managing and leasing 3M sq. ft in properties,
    Prime Real Estate had various existing lighting systems and needs that EnerSavings was able to satisfy.

The Enersavings solution

By opting for an EnerSavings lighting Solution, Prime Real Estate knew they could count on:

    • Accurate assessments of cost savings based on their specific business needs
    • Lowest possible installation costs with the help of EnerSavings Rebate Specialists
    • Expert installation that meets all safety and utility standards, and minimal disruption to business or operations
    • Optimal savings on regular lighting costs
  • An example of the dramatic transformation an EnerSavings lighting solution can have on a workspace.


  • After implementing their EnerSavings Solution, Prime Real Estate saw significant savings
    • Nearly $1.25M in rebates and incentives secured by EnerSavings
    • Approximately $815,000 in annual energy savings across 33 facilities ($25,000 per facility)
    • Maintenance costs per facility reduced by $9,000
    • Nearly 3.7 million kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions reductions – equivalent to 1.55 million liters of gasoline, or the annual energy use of 416 homes