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Introducing HVAC System Solutions

Many of us have been in meetings, sitting around a boardroom table thinking, “why am I suddenly so hot” or “how can it be so cold”. The inconsistency in heating or cooling was likely caused by the inefficiency of the HVAC system installed. However, an HVAC system must function consistently throughout the day to provide employees with a healthy and comfortable environment and drive office productivity. These are not the only reasons businesses should invest in their HVAC system solution.

Benefits of HVAC System Solutions

Essential to employee health and wellbeing, buildings must be temperature regulated, with sufficient air flow to keep the environment safe. Outside of keeping employees, customers, and tenants comfortable, there are additional benefits the business will see. 

  1. Reduce Operating Costs and Carbon Footprint

Now equipped with cutting-edge technology, HVAC solutions are more energy efficient, helping reduce the overall carbon footprint of buildings. Lowering energy bills by up to 45%, properties become more profitable and environmentally friendly with less greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Air Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a light on many important issues and areas for concern, one of them being air quality. A properly functioning HVAC system will reduce the majority of air contamination through source control to help eliminate individual sources of pollution/reduce their emissions, ventilation to allow more outside air to be brought inside, and filtration to clear this air of as much dirt, debris, and pollutants as possible. All working together, they significantly lower harmful bacteria, viruses or substances present in the air.

  • Get Closer to LEED & BOMA Best Certifications

Another area of concern the world is no longer able to overlook is climate change and, in an effort to encourage buildings to go green, the Canadian Government is offering lucrative incentives. HVAC system solutions can assist in buildings becoming more sustainable through energy efficiency, decreased GHG emissions and reduced carbon footprint, taking them one step closer to LEED and BOMA Best Certifications.

  • Climate Control

To enhance employee productivity, and thereby company profits, it is essential to provide a comfortable work environment. New HVAC systems often have automated functions for maintaining and regulating the temperature, keeping in line with standards set by global companies.

  • Lower Employee Attrition Rate

Many job seekers take a multitude of factors into consideration when joining companies and providing a comfortable work environment doesn’t only extend to leadership teams and work locations. Increase desirability for in-office work as studies have shown employees enjoy coming to work more if the office is efficiently temperature controlled.

Even with all the benefits an up-to-date HVAC system can bring a business it may not be known when it’s the best time for an upgrade or overhaul.

Choosing When to Install or Upgrade

A general rule of thumb has been that HVAC systems required upgrades bi-annually, however, with modern technology and regular maintenance, new solutions will save money over longer periods of time. Old systems, with extensive usage, can cause more harm than good.

  1. Increased Energy Bills

An increasing monthly energy bill may be an indication that an HVAC system is no longer functioning efficiently as older systems will use more energy to complete the same tasks, such as heating and cooling the building. Replacing a redundant system could save you thousands of dollars monthly on energy bills.

  • Fluctuating Temperatures

If regulating the desired temperature has become difficult, this is another sign the system is not performing correctly. One reason this may occur is if the size of a space is too large for the HVAC system in place, resulting in overexertion and additional wear and tear. Many of the newer systems also include automation, so the temperature doesn’t require manual adjustment.

  • Frequent Repairs

While general maintenance should be done on annual basis, frequent repairs are a sign it’s time to replace an existing system. Repair costs can add up quickly, contributing to operating expenses, while replacing the HVAC system will help save funds long term.

  • Inadequate Indoor Air Quality

All buildings require clean breathing air to ensure healthy environments for office spaces, shoppers, and residents. HVAC systems now include features to better filter out allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that may contribute to breathing ailments.

  • Aging System – 10+ Years Old

Components in HVAC systems tend to begin deteriorating after 10 years of use, which is the recommended time for an upgrade. Depending on climate conditions and proper maintenance, usage of these systems can be extended.

  • Unusual Smells & Excessive Dust

If an HVAC system is emitting a strange smell, there may be dust burning inside, accumulated mold or a wire that has begun to burn. If there’s an increased amount of dust, this is also an indication the system isn’t filtering the air efficiently, a clear sign it requires replacement.

Any one or combination of the above signs would suggest it’s time to upgrade or install a new HVAC system solution. While there are not many service providers that can provide complete solutions, EnerSavings Inc. helps guide businesses through the process, start to finish.

EnerSavings HVAC System Solutions

The advancement of technology in the 21st century also extends to HVAC systems solutions and EnerSavings Inc. offers a variety of solutions to upgrade existing systems boosting efficiency and reducing operating expenses and carbon footprints.

  1. Building Automation System (BAS)

Through BAS, all major building systems can be automated, including HVAC, security systems and lighting, allowing function and communication on one platform. Building owners and managers can integrate and access all systems within a commercial complex to control them via one simple interface.

  • Enhanced safety and wellbeing for occupants
  • Remote diagnostics ensure limited system downtime
  • Up to 45% in energy savings
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Access historical data and analysis for future planning

2. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

A VFD controls the rotation speed with an HVAC system, giving property owners and managers access to control the speed at which it operates. Since it is so versatile, VFDs can be used in chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and fluid pumps, among others. In addition, they can withstand peak loads and increase the lifespan of an HVAC system.

  • Reduce mechanical stress on the motor with soft start
  • Lower energy consumption up to 45%
  • Cut maintenance costs drastically
  • Extend equipment lifespan
  • Reduce carbon footprint

 With state-of-the-art HVAC system solutions, EnerSavings Inc. has helped businesses across the country reduce operating expenses, as well as their carbon footprints.

Why Choose EnerSavings HVAC Solutions

A pioneer in the energy management industry, EnerSavings Inc. will help install a new HVAC system or simply upgrade the existing system with our BAS and VFD to boost its efficiency and increase profitability. Our team of experts also abide by the six-sigma methodology in what we call our hassle-free process.

Free Energy Assessment: We evaluate your facilities’ existing HVAC system Custom Proposal: A detailed customized proposal is made. Install Plan: Final walkthrough conducted before work bAegins. Utility Approval: We work with your existing utilities to maximize rebates. 
Installation: Complete installation starts with minimal disruption to your property. Start Saving: Sit back and save! 

Our guarantee to help the process start to finish also helps ensure businesses benefit from various Government incentives and rebates, such as SaveOnEnergy, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA), and BC Hydro to further increase savings.

Start Saving Now!

As Your Trusted Energy Advisors, EnerSavings Inc. has been in business for over a decade and specializes in providing HVAC system solutions across Canada. Starting with a free audit, we’ll present you with a custom proposal tailored toward your business and property needs. For more information, visit www.enersavings.com/hvac or reach out via email at info@enersavings.com. To find out what we’re working on, follow our LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

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