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Value-Engineered HVAC Solutions

Save up to 50% on hvac costs!

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enersavings hvac solutions

Our HVAC system solutions are engineered to reliably maintain comfortable, safe, and healthy temperatures and air quality standards for indoor spaces, while also being as efficient as possible.

All of our HVAC solutions are custom-designed to align perfectly with the unique demands and characteristics of your building and business.

We ensure that all equipment, controls, and automations are properly installed and maintained, so you can rest easy knowing that your HVAC needs are being met responsibly and sustainably while you enjoy substantial savings on your regular energy bill without any worry.

Our rebate experts coordinate with utility companies and government agencies so that you get the most out of any and all rebates and incentives available for upgrading your HVAC system.

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Find out how EnerSavings can help you identify your current HVAC needs and savings opportunities, and get the most out of them by providing you with the optimal system upgrade at the lowest cost to your business.

why it’s time to
Upgrade your hvac system

There are many reasons to upgrade your current HVAC system. And by upgrading with EnerSavings, you can be assured that the results will make the decision an easy one.


Faulty, Aged, Deprecated Parts & Equipment

Your HVAC system and its components may be damaged or degraded from prolonged use, lack of or improper maintenance. This can make operating your system more costly, and potentially dangerous. 

High, Rising Utility Costs

Costs for the consumption of water, hydro, and natural gas are rising. You may already be facing higher costs for utilities due to the inefficiencies of your current system, or a lack of modern automation controls.

Harm, Discomfort, Dissatisfaction

If your HVAC system is not reliable, consistent, easy to control, or safe, it could be exacting costs beyond the balance sheet. Guests, clients, and/or employees may be dissatisfied or uncomfortable with inconsistent or extreme indoor climates. With inadequate filtration, your HVAC system could be spreading harmful pathogens or poor air quality - which can have detrimental effects on the health of the people in your building and your business in general.

High Maintenance Costs

If your current HVAC system is older, inefficient, or unreliable, it has likely racked up multiple maintenance bills and fees. And as a system ages, it will require more frequent maintenance, with parts that are less available - driving up your maintenance costs and harming your bottom line.

High Levels of Harmful Emissions

A dated or inefficient system emits greater levels of greenhouse gases (GHG), which are harmful to the local and global environment. Depending on where your business operates, you may be subject to additional taxes based on GHG emissions.

Miscalibrated Controls

HVAC system controls can become miscalibrated over time or with improper use. This could mean that your system would not function according to input from the controls like it should.


Improved Performance

An EnerSavings HVAC solution improves efficiency with better performance at lower costs. With state-of-the-art parts, equipment, and controls, your HVAC system becomes as safe and simple as possible to operate.

Greater Utility Efficiency

Enjoy savings on utility costs with more efficient energy consumption. Your HVAC system may require water, electricity, and/or natural gas. By operating more efficiently and using less of these requirements, you simply get more out of your HVAC system with lower utility consumption.

Safe, Healthy, Comfortable Indoor Environment

An EnerSavings HVAC solution means you can be sure that your guests, clients, and staff will enjoy the comfort of consistent temperatures that are easy to control. And with cutting-edge filtration technology, everyone will have greater protection against potentially harmful air quality and airborne pathogens.

Maintenance Cost Savings

By upgrading, you spend less on maintenance and repair bills by getting a modern, reliable system that requires less looking after and uses parts and equipment more affordable and readily available. An EnerSavings HVAC system works for you, and not the other way around.

Environmental Responsibility & Sustainability

By consuming fewer resources and maintaining the indoor climate your business requires, upgrading your HVAC system with EnerSavings will reduce your carbon footprint and emissions levels.

Optimized, Responsive Controls

Upgrading your HVAC system gives you more sophisticated, efficient, and responsive controls options, allowing you to easily program settings and automations.

the enersavings
simple 6-step process

Upgrading your HVAC system with EnerSavings is quick and simple. Our experts and partners handle everything from start to finish, so you can focus on business as usual with minimal disruption.



How often should an HVAC System be serviced?

An HVAC System should ideally be serviced twice a year – once for heating and once for cooling. The filters, coils, motor, and housing are checked, among other things.

Do you perform complete HVAC component replacements?

Yes! We provide replacements for Rooftop Units, Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, and Makeup Air Units which can save you up to 50% on energy costs!

Is my HVAC equipment increasing COVID-19 risk?

Yes, COVID-19 risk is increased in crowded, inadequately ventilated HVAC Systems in Buildings. Our HVAC solutions remove and dilute virus laden particles from indoor air.

How do I know if I need a new HVAC System?

If the system is more than 15 years old or requires frequent repair, it’s time to upgrade. We offer HVAC systems with BAS and VFD for optimal performance.

How can I be losing money despite having an HVAC system?

Faulty thermostats and dirty filters are the most likely culprits of inefficiency. Regular servicing and frequent filter changes are crucial in maintaining an optimal, efficient system. However, if you’re upgrading, ensure you do so to an HVAC with BAS and VFD to avoid such problems.

What is a properly matched HVAC system?

There are many factors involved in design and installation, and each building/property has unique requirements. EnerSavings experts will identify the exact requirements to ensure your upgrade is the best you can get.

enersavings in action
case study – prime real estate group


Prime Real Estate Group Inc. is a full-service property management company with a twenty-year track record of success and growth.

  •  Manages and leases approximately three million square feet across retail, commercial, and office properties 
  • Clear need to improve energy efficiency and minimize HVAC costs across all properties

The Enersavings solution

By opting for an EnerSavings HVAC Solution, Prime Real Estate knew they could count on:

    • Accurate assessments of cost savings based on their specific business needs
    • Lowest possible installation costs with the help of EnerSavings Rebate Specialists
    • Expert installation that meets all safety and utility standards, and minimal disruption to business or operations
    • Optimal savings on regular HVAC costs


  • After implementing their EnerSavings Solution, Prime Real Estate saw significant savings
    • Nearly $24,000 in rebates and incentives secured by EnerSavings
    • Nearly $40,000 in annual energy savings
    • Over 172,000 kWh in reduced energy consumption