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How Companies Benefit from HVAC System Solutions

Essential to all businesses is ensuring proper ventilation and consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the facility or offices. Unfortunately, air conditioning accounts for up to 70% of energy bills, but through retrofitting your HVAC system solution, your business will see many benefits. With a properly maintained HVAC system solution, your business will see many benefits including a reduced energy bill and increased indoor air quality (IAQ).

The Benefits

Gone are the days when people believed HVAC systems were solely for the ventilation of business spaces, required replacing every few years, and resulted in reduced energy efficiency over time. Now, property managers are becoming more aware of the ongoing benefits HVAC systems and solutions offer. For those who are still learning about these advantageous systems, here are some of those benefits!

  1. Energy bills reduced by up to 50% with replaced Boiler and Chiller units
  2. Installation of Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) can further reduce energy bills by up to 45%
  3. Improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and optimal temperatures year-round
  4. Lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  5. Eligibility for LEED and/or BOMA Best Certification(s)

Many well-known, globally recognized brands have begun to take advantage of HVAC system solution, after years of apprehension. Take a look at their stories to help ease any doubt you may still have.

Companies Currently Benefitting

Business spaces including engineering companies, hospitality chains and co-working office spaces, among others, have overhauled their HVAC system solutions. This has resulted in drastically reduced operating expenses and GHG emissions. Here are some examples of goals set and results accomplished with new systems and solutions.

  1. Enermodal Engineering

As the largest consulting firm in Canada dedicated to green buildings, Enermodal Engineering specializes in energy efficiency within business spaces and helping companies achieve LEED certifications. Having won many accolades for these very reasons, it was important they were in compliance with the same standards.


  • Become the most energy efficient building in Canada
  • Use fewer raw materials during construction


  • Installation of HVAC occupancy sensors to enable heating and cooling only when rooms are occupied
  • Energy-recovery ventilation units transfer heat generated from exhaust to the incoming air lines


  • Platinum LEED Certification awarded
  • Achieved the title of Canada’s most energy-efficient building
  • Holiday Inn

Now a globally recognized hotel chain, Holiday Inn was founded in 1952 and quickly gained recognition for their hospitality and quality of their properties, which now boast cutting-edge technology as well.


  • Achieve environmentally sustainable systems in line with their parent company
  • Reduce energy consumption without reducing guest comfort


  • Rooftop unit thermostats replaced by WIFI thermostats for remote controllability
  • Performance enhanced with Building Automation System (BAS)
  • An optimized master air handling unit (AHU) to control air temperature


  • Up to 44% reduction on gas and energy consumption combined
  • Energy bills lowered by up to $1,395.00
  • Corus Quay Building and District Energy Plant

In the heart of Toronto, Corus Quay is an eight storied glass-clad business space that was completed in 2010 to showcase broadcast activities of Corus Entertainment.


  • Supply chilled water to the HVAC system throughout the building
  • Deployment of an efficient chiller, free of noise and vibration


  • Installation of dual-compressor centrifugal chillers
  • Retrofitted compressors with VFD for greater load efficiency


  • Greater energy efficiency, monitored via BAS
  • Carrington Views Apartments, The Kelowna

With buildings made at only the highest standards, the Carrington Views Apartments at the Kelowna in British Columbia is a luxury complex.


  • Decrease carbon footprint as much as possible
  • Implement efficient heating and cooling systems


  • Install an innovative HVAC system with increased effectiveness, lower fan power and ventilation control
  • Select a system in accordance with ASHRAE 62.2 standard for indoor air quality


  • A reduced annual emissions footprint of 879kg of CO2
  • Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code achieved – the highest standard
  • Renowned Dairy Facility

Large amounts of electricity are consumed by dairy farms during the milking process, at up to 1,200kWh per cow on an annual basis. Roughly half of this energy is used by the production equipment such as vacuum pumps, heating, and cooling.


  • Reduce operating expenses without a considerable investment


  • Installation of an energy efficient HVAC system
  • Reduce power consumption with a 20HP motor


  • Annual energy savings of $5,520.00
  • Simple payback of only 1.5 years
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extended system lifespan

Considering the growing concern of climate change, companies implementing HVAC system solutions should feel great about not only lowering their energy bills but also significantly decreasing their CO2 emissions. EnerSavings has helped clients across Canada, and we can help you too.

EnerSavings Helping Business in Canada

As Canada’s leading energy management company, EnerSavings is takes pride in providing businesses with state-of-the-art HVAC system solutions and other energy management solutions. See how we have helped our esteemed clients take the next step to becoming environmentally sustainable.

  1. Prime Real Estate

As a full-service property management company, Prime Real Estate manages and leases approximately three million square feet of retail, office space, and commercial properties Canada-wide.


  • Expensive energy bills in need of reduction


  • Commercial properties to be retrofitted with LED lighting solutions


  • Energy savings of over $39,000 annually
  • Reduced energy consumption by up to 172,036 kWh
  • Simple payback of 6 months
  • Crescent High School

2365 Bayview Avenue is besieged daily with students and teachers, requiring constant lighting and temperature control which results in high energy bills due to excessive use.


  • A need to drastically lower energy bills


  • Installation of VFDs on several AHUs


  • Over $37,000 in annual energy savings
  • Reduced energy consumption by 169,087 kWh
  • Simple payback of 8 months

If you’re considering installing a new HVAC system solution or retrofitting your existing system, please reach out today to find out how EnerSavings can help.

EnerSavings – Your Trusted Energy Advisors

Trusted partners are a necessity in business and EnerSavings is here to be your partner for energy management solutions and the regular maintenance they require. As HVAC system solution specialists, we will provide you with a free audit and custom proposal based on your business space and needs, maximizing efficiency and minimizing operating expenses. With solutions including BAS, VFD, Boiler and Chiller replacement units, you can lower your GHG emissions and receive up to 50% in energy savings. Visit us at www.enersavings.com to learn more or contact us at info@enersavings.com to speak with a representative. Together, we can build a better tomorrow.

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