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Grow high quality crops year-round with LED grow lights

Grow Lights from EnerSavings ensure Cannabis growth like never before!

Best price per micromole available

Increase profit, faster harvest cycles, higher yield

40% + Hydro reduction vs. HPS

About EnerSavings Grow Lights

EnerSavings Grow Lights from Oreon are the perfect addition to every Growers property. They help enhance crop quality, faster harvest cycles, reduce lighting bills up to 40%, and minimize carbon footprint. Their efficient heat management system enables a low heat load density, so plants remain at their ideal temperatures. In addition, they provide quality lighting at each stage of plant growth. Check out how installing them is a win-win!

Why you need LED Grow Lights

How it's a Win-


EnerSavings offers energy efficient Lighting Solutions across Canada to reduce lighting bills & GHG emissions.

For Growers

Reduce Bills

Enjoy lower power bills with a reduced energy consumption up to 40%

Increase Output

Longer lifespan and added durability reduces stress

Low Emissions

Low heat emissions coupled with controlled light intensity and spectrum and excellent for plan growth

No Interest Rate

Better yield, uniform consistency, and lower costs

For the Environment

consume less Resouces

Reduce carbon emissions

made with non-toxic materials

Products are made with non-toxic raw materials for reduced pollution

reduced CO2

Less consumption of natural resources due to better energy efficiency

Best Price per Micromole in the Industry

Choose from a bevy of Energy Management Solutions to increase revenue by reducing overheads.

Increased Profits

Faster harvest, higher yields,
cannabinoids, and THC

High Efficiency LEDs

Two times as efficient as
traditional HPS lighting

Active Water Cooling System

Reduce heat to create stable
environment for optimal plant
growth and great HVAC savings

Robust Design

Withstands high humidity and
harsh temperatures, easy to clean,
watertight IP67 fixture

Size Matters

Smallest LED fixture with highest output, minimizes shading.tight IP67 fixture


Perfect light distribution enables consistent plant growth, higher yield and optimal crop quality.

Who can

benefit from our Services

Our Industry Growth

Grow Lights are becoming a norm for everyone looking at growing fresh and healthy plants for consumption. Not only do they help you save money, but also help the plant grow to the best of it’s ability. Since you know why they’ve become so popular, here’s how much the industry will grow within the decade. If you’re a grower, you know why the industry is booming!

$ 1.2B industry

Will become $ 4.9B industry

The best choice for quality Cannabis!

EnerSavings LED Grow Lights are the best way to get optimal cannabis growth. This is possible due to better efficiency, HVAC requirements reduction, longer life, reduced maintenance, and light control. They can be used indoors, as well as in greenhouse settings.

Our Promise

  • Maintenance Free

  • 5 Years
    50,000 Hours Warranty

  • Turnkey Solution


that you may have

EnerSavings Grow Lights consume 650-665W depending on the spectrum

Our full spectrum LED Grow Lights are IP67 dust and waterproof! They can be used in humid conditions and cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.

They perform optimally at temperatures between 0 degrees C to 45 degrees C with a relative humidity of more than 95%.

Our LED Grow Lights come with a 5-year our promise says warranty of 50,000 hours, so be completely stress-free about this purchase!