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EV-Ready for Condo Residents

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of Canadians intend to buy an EV for the next vehicle.


Canadians living in MURBs require an energy management solution.


in government initiatives to develop charging infrastructure


Goal for EV car sales share by 2035.

why businesses are not ev ready
current challenges

The surge in EV adoption poses some challenges to businesses and properties – but the EnerSavings experts are here to help every step of the way.

Property owners, managers, and boards may be concerned about the cost, or disruption to normal operations that installation may cause.

An EnerSavings EV Charging Solution is the ideal solution. Our rebate experts make sure you get the most out of any rebates and incentives that are available, so you can rest assured you are getting the lowest possible cost. 

Our installation specialists ensure that your business is impacted as little as possible during the process.

The sheer cost of initially installing an EV Charging System can dissuade business owners.

Not all buildings have the infrastructure required to support an EV Charging Solution. Business owners may be unsure if they even can adopt an EV charging system - let alone if they should.

A run-of-the-mill EV charging system could incur greater operating costs - perhaps due to inefficiency in power consumption and allocation.

Energy simply costs more when it is in higher demand - during 

10 critical questions
boards & managers should ask
before they plug in

Are you proactively planning your EV strategy for the entire building (based on the endgame); or reactively planning based on a few resident EV inquiries?

Do you understand the implications and impact of adding 200+ EV chargers to your building’s electrical capacity/system?

What does your building look like with everyone in the building driving EVs?

Any Brownouts? Blackouts?

What does your neighbourhood, community, and city grid look like with all building residents driving EVs?
How will that impact your residents?

Do the EV solutions you’re considering provide a Level 2 Charger for every resident in your building, or just a few?

Beyond load sharing and circuit management, do the EV solutions you’re evaluating manage the energy being used plus the associated costs of the EV charging network, long-term’?

Can the proposed EV solution adapt and react to future hydro fee increases? They will have to increase invariably – is the solution ready?

Can the solution take advantage of demand response opportunities, whereby the Hydro-Authority offers an incentive to decrease your usage for a period of time to avoid blackouts in your building and area?

Are you aware of the true costs (the published costs, additional charges, and hidden fees) of EV chargers in your building?

Are you aware of the implications and TOTAL COSTS OF EV OWNERSHIP of installing a RESPONSIBLE, proactive, long-term EV solution and future-proofing your building vs. installing a REACTIVE temporary EV solution to serve a few tenants?
Design, tear-out, upgrade, reinstall ++

a solution in efficiency and longevity
enersavings ev-ready, set, go!

10+ chargers

For those READY with EVs in their parking stalls.

10+ months

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians SET to take delivery of or buy their first EV.

10+ years (and beyond)

As your building is compliant by government mandate and good to GO.

EV-Ready-Set-Go! puts condo boards, landlords, property managers & residents in the driver’s seat so they can slow down or speed up their EV-transition from 0–200+ chargers depending on residents & building readiness!