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(+1) 800-874-3470

Automotive Dealer Electrification Program

A Turnkey Program to Electrify Automotive Dealers & Consumers



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installation & project management

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Find out how EnerSavings can help prepare your building with a best-in-class EV Charging System Solution at minimal cost.


The data and trends paint a clear picture: that the Canadian vehicle market is electrifying – at an astonishing rate to boot. And as more EVs hit the road, a stronger, wider charging infrastructure will be needed by an increasing number of drivers.

a solution in efficiency and longevity
enersavings ev-ready, set, go!

10+ chargers

For those READY with EVs in their parking stalls.

10+ months

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians SET to take delivery of or buy their first EV.

10+ years (and beyond)

As your building is compliant by government mandate and good to GO.

EV-Ready-Set-Go! puts you in the driver’s seat so you can slow down or speed up your EV-transition from 0–200+ chargers depending on your needs & readiness!