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EnerSavings, Stream Energy & Electric Asset Unite to Fight Climate Change

TORONTO, Ont. – Ontario’s EnerSavings Inc. has merged with Stream Energy Systems and Electric Asset Inc. from British Columbia to form EnerSavings Solutions to help ‘Create Clean & Green Condominiums in Communities and Cities Across Canada’!

EnerSavings Solutions Inc. is a merger of EnerSavings Inc. from the east and Stream Energy & Electric Asset from the west, amalgamated to serve the growing demand needed for EV-Ready Charging Solutions in multi-residential and commercial buildings coast to coast.

Seasoned experts in energy management and sustainability, EnerSavings, Stream Energy, and Electric Asset have created a future-proof, turnkey, condo-friendly ‘Electric Vehicle Charger’ program that is obtainable, sustainable, and responsible. Battle-tested and refined in B.C over the past three years, the newly formed EnerSavings Solutions has key learnings to share, based on 200+ turnkey- EV-Ready assessments and building infrastructure installs to date. The exclusive program is EV-Ready now for Canadian condominiums, developers, and unit owners.

Convenient and timely, the program was created to provide the EV-Ready stamp of approval for condominiums in the competitive Canadian condominium marketplace. The timing couldn’t be better as the market demands a solution to support the surge in electric vehicle sales with an 89.2 % sales increase of electric vehicles between 2020 and 2021, as Canadians continue to ‘put down the pump’ and ‘pick up the plug’.

“We’re exceptionally proud of our intelligent EV-Ready condominium solution,” says Kevin Lisso, CEO of EnerSavings Canada and a long-term energy management expert. “Pardon the pun; however, I would say this program is super-charged, as condo dwellers will enjoy the year-round convenience of a personal charging station in their parking stalls, optional payment plans, rebate incentives, and timely financial savings by converting to an electric vehicle. Additionally, they’re increasing the value of their units and future-proofing the resale value of their condominiums with the EV-Ready stamp and helping keep Canada clean and green for future generations! It is a highly attractive value proposition for condominium developers and owners.”

Future-proofing a condominium now is critical given the intense competition in the real estate market and the need for a competitive advantage.  Condominium Boards, Strata Corporations, and owners are actively engaged, future-proofing their condo buildings to address the needs of EV owners today while simultaneously planning for an entire EV-Ready building tomorrow. Installing a building-specific energy management system and solution as opposed to simply ‘slapping in chargers’ on an ad hoc basis will save condominium owners and developers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the near future by avoiding expensive electrical service upgrades.  A holistic EV-Ready building will positively and immediately impact present condo values and attract new condo buyers.  Stream Energy and Electric Asset of BC retain the distinct advantage as industry leaders after successfully installing and managing EV-Ready charger programs in more than 200 + buildings in the past three years.  Stream Energy & Electric Asset, an intelligent EV-Ready charging station solution supports an emission-free future that perfectly aligns with EnerSavings’ vision to reduce GHG emissions while building a sustainable future.

“Igniting a best-in-class EV-Ready charging solution required a delicate balancing act to address the immediate needs of today and imminent growth of tomorrow, ” says Sanjay Maharaj, CEO of Electric Asset Inc.  “Electric vehicle sales continue to explode and coupled with Canada’s focused targets of a 100% zero-emission vehicle sale target by 2035 and an emission-free goal by 2050, we needed to create a program that would deliver value for all stakeholders. The EnerSavings EV-Ready charger program includes variable purchase/rental options, no upfront costs, a hassle-free subscription plan, rebate management incentives, and most importantly, an industry-best ‘intelligent EV-Ready energy management system’ to avoid peak usage premiums, saving condominium owners energy and money.” 

To schedule a complimentary ’EV-Ready Site Assessment’’ please visit https://enersavings.com/ev-charging/

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About Enersavings:

EnerSavings is a national leading, energy-efficiency company dedicated to improving, protecting, and saving the planet we inhabit. Committed to decarbonizing Canada, the distinguished leadership team retains 40+ years of energy management experience, delivering energy-efficient solutions to the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, and Multi-Residential Building sectors.  Leveraging the experience and expertise developed over the past few decades in the lighting, water, solar, and HVAC sectors, EnerSavings is poised to lead the emerging Electric Vehicle/Charger market in Canada with turn-key solutions to save money, time, and energy for Canadians. In partnership with the trusted energy and installation experts at Stream Energy Systems (Subsidiary of Bert’s Electric), and Electric Asset, EnerSavings has developed building-specific, obtainable, sustainable, and responsible EV-Ready solutions to serve existing and new condominiums and hotels.  The partnership delivers insight-based, technically tailored solutions, comprised of on-site EV-Ready assessments, contemporary equipment recommendations, and seamless installations. EnerSavings Solutions’ mission – save Canadians precious energy, time, and money today, save our communities, cities, nation, environment, and the planet tomorrow – one site, one building, one car, and one Canadian at a time.

About Stream Energy:

Stream Energy Systems, a division of Bert’s Electric with over 50 years of service to the electrical contracting industry, was founded to address the growing need for automated solutions to help improve flow, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs of complex industrial processing systems.  Stream Energy Systems is a leader in providing turnkey EV-Ready charging solutions to existing multifamily Strata buildings, new strata developments, and commercial applications. With over 200 EV-Ready infrastructure installations, Stream Energy Systems pioneered the zero-cost EV-Ready infrastructure option for BC’s Strata Industry and is the industry leader in BC’s Provincial rebate program.

About Electric Asset Inc

Electric Asset Inc. was founded to provide EV-Ready infrastructure consulting to BC’s Strata Corporation from initial assessment, EV educational seminars, proposals, project management, and commissioning of the EV-Ready infrastructure with a focus on providing innovative, convenient, and affordable EV-Ready charging solutions to all market segments. 

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