Victoria Manor

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Victoria Manor located in the lovely community of Lindsay and provides rehabilitation and nursing care services in a residential atmosphere. Victoria Manor offers a range of services to maximize your abilities and help you feel comfortable, secure, and cared for health, comfort, nourishment, and enjoyment. They have auditorium, café, lounges, and enclosed outdoor gardens that are perfect for resident and family get-togethers.

The Challenge

Lighting systems represent the largest electricity end use in healthcare. Assisted-living inpatient care facilities such as nursing homes have an average energy use intensity (EUI) of 143,000 BTU/ft2. While the demand for healthcare and the corresponding lighting energy use are increasing, understanding of the many visual and non-visual effects of light is also important. Victoria Manor was interested in upgrading to LED technology that will improve safety by reducing the number of falls, improve sleeping habits of their residents, and improve care by better supporting its staff caregivers.

The Solution

We are committed to providing a sustainable and tailored energy-saving solution, so our customers reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost the efficiency & bottom line with no capital investment required. Our team of professionals, engineers, and consultants are committed to providing a white-glove service including, but not limited to, free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation.

The Results

EnerSavings replaced all the existing conventional lighting to LED Tubes in Victoria Manor’s all areas in Indoor, which resulted in energy savings of 68%. We targeted to Improve the overall lighting quality by increasing the light levels and uniformity at task areas, and by selecting luminaires and controls that allow layering of the ambient and task lighting for a more pleasant space than that provided by the incumbent fluorescent system.