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QRC Logistics has a 40-year history of innovation in the transportation industry. Their unique offering includes local cartage, warehousing, e-commerce solutions, and retail distribution throughout Ontario and across Canada. QRC is specialized in clean, dry freight destined for retail outlets.

Over $118,917 in annual savings achieved by lighting upgrade.


The Challenge

Logistics is becoming more and more important in modern business. Products and services are growing in number, distances are increasing, delivery times are decreasing and more products require cold storage. Logistics facilities are often enormous spaces, and cold storage areas have no natural light. For this reason, light energy consumption and costs are high. So the management at QRC wanted the best way to reduce costs by using efficient LED lighting solutions that minimize energy usage and lower maintenance expenses along with higher illumination levels and better dazzle prevention.

The Solution

We are committed to providing a sustainable and tailored energy-saving solution, so our customers reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost the efficiency & bottom line with no capital investment required. Our team of professionals, engineers, and consultants are committed to providing a white-glove service including, but not limited to, free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation.

The Results

EnerSavings replaced all the existing conventional lighting Tubes to LED Tubes in QRC’s warehouse and office areas, which resulted in energy savings of 47%. We achieved sufficient light output in every corner of the warehouse, narrow aisles of the shelves, and the office space. We replaced the existing metal halide fixture with New LED fixtures in the exterior area. These luminaires specialized in producing higher illumination levels, superior glare control, and uniformity.