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Alexandria Moulding is a leading moulding manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood composite mouldings in North America. Alexandria Moulding has grown into Canada’s largest wood moulding manufacturer and is also North America’s leading Manufacturer-Direct retail marketer and distributor of mouldings. Alexandria Moulding is the industry leader for quality and service; their award-winning products and marketing can be custom manufactured to fit any specifications.

The Challenge

Warehouses and manufacturing buildings most commonly use mercury vapor and metal halide highbay lights and fluorescent tubes in smaller office areas. These inefficient lights can account for 50%+ of the total energy bill. So management at Alexandria Moulding wanted an upgrade to LED lighting in the facility that can improve overall alertness, make it easier to see, reduce shadowing, and enhance color recognition during the assembly process, leading to increased manufacturing productivity along with energy-saving and reduced cost.

The Solution

We are committed to providing a sustainable and tailored energy-saving solution, so our customers reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost the efficiency & bottom line with no capital investment required. Our team of professionals, engineers, and consultants are committed to providing a white-glove service including, but not limited to, free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation.

The Results

EnerSavings replaced all the existing conventional lighting Tubes to LED Tubes in Alexandria Moulding’s production, warehouse, and office areas, resulting in energy savings of 50%. We made sure every corner, shelf, and trailer is entirely lit and visible. We replaced the existing metal halide fixture with New LED fixtures in the exterior area. These luminaires feature the best performance on the market producing high illumination levels, superior glare control, and uniformity. This allowed for superb lighting coverage with more lumens and a fraction of the existing system wattage.