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Today’s world is a dynamic one and is evolving at an astounding rate. We only ever hear of things getting better and prices going up, but that is not how we like things. Ever wondered what the root cause of price increase could be? A massive factor is an increase in overhead costs, i.e., rent, electricity, etc. Rent is something that will be affected by inflation, among other things, but electricity and water cost is something that could be controlled. It was with this thought that EnerSavings Inc was born! 

Our aim is to provide a tailored energy-saving solution to each customer in order to reduce their operating costs & maintenance while boosting work efficiency with minimal investment. Rest assured that our team of professional engineers will provide you concierge-like service including a free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation.  

How it all started? 

EnerSavings team members started working in this field over a decade ago with a vision to save the planetWe came together like pieces of a puzzle; everyone has the same goal! We know that LED lighting is the way to go in terms of energy conservation; we have also come up with another ingenious way to help save you money – Watergater Valve. We are an environmentally conscious company that wants to make a real difference. 

Maximum Your Energy Savings & Incentives

Vision and Mission 

The globe is developing at a rapid pace. More structures are being built by encroaching the greenery that Mother nature has to offer. Trees once cut cannot grow back to their full glory in a short period of time. Air quality once spoilt takes time to get back to normalcy; the same goes for water. At EnerSavings, our vision is to help undo all the harm that has been done to our planet in the last so many years! We want to see the Earth as a greener and bluer place while helping humans achieve every feat possible. We want to preserve the environment.  

How do we plan on doing this? 

  1. By providing our customers with human-centric energy savings solutions 
  2. By tailoring our products in such a way that it helps reduce the overall operating cost of companies 
  3. By providing our customers with the best of professional services in the field of energy savings 

Why Choose Us? 

Ever heard of the phrase “money saved is money earned”? We help you save money + earn money! Technically speaking, that’s at least 1.5x more value than any other competitor can offer! Here is how:  

  1. Save up to 75% on your hydro bill:
    That’s a whopping 75cents on a dollar! We know it sounds small now, but when you multiply it with your actual bill, imagine the tons of money that you will save. That money can be reinvested into business expansion (in terms of verticals or client base), which will help your brand make even more money. 
  2. $0 Capital, 0% interest:
    Your capital investment in our services is technically nil because of the return on investment. Savings are 50%+, so the amount invested is recovered as savings.  
  3. No maintenance for 10 years:
    Every product or service requires timely maintenance to run smoothly… not ours! Our solutions are designed and built to last, and white-glove service is impeccable; you will want it, but not need it! 
  4. Higher Plant Yield: The use of LED technology for plant cultivation under a controlled environment results in significantly lower energy consumption and much higher plant yield due to optimal growth. Light intensity and spectral composition are vital to plant metabolism and nutritional quality.

Our Services 

EnerSavings Inc is a leading professional lighting and control solutions company. We provide a gamut of services that help you in sustainability, thereby increasing your profitability. Here is what we have to offer: 

  1. Watergater Valve:
    Using our proprietary technology, Watergater Valve helps increase the density of water running through a meter, thereby improving the meter accuracy. This is possible by compressing air in the water flow while it is being metered. This has drastically improved the efficiency of the upstream water meter while eliminating turbulence that typically accompanies water while passing through valves.4 Easy steps to start saving with Watergater Valve:

    a) Free Audit:
    We evaluate your facility’s existing water consumption by studying the previous 12 months’ water bills. Then, we determine the sizing of the main water line for retrofitting the Watergater
  2.  Valve.
    B) Custom Proposal:
    Our detailed customized proposal will allow you to see paybacks, ROI, and a reduction in water consumption. In most cases, your entire investment is recovered within a year!
    C) Install Plan:
    Installation is done within 4 hours in most cases. Watergater Valve has installed 3ft after the water meter and ranges in sizing from 2-8 inches.
    D) Start Saving:
    Save up to 30% on your water bill from day 1!
  3. LED Lights:
    LED lights have become the most popular type of lights within just a few years! This is because of their enhanced lifespan and power efficiency. They are widely used in both commercial and residential properties. In addition, they have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 2-4 times longer than most other conventionally used lights.
  4. Grow lights:
    EnerSavings manufactures water-cooled LED grow lights for growing plants in a greenhouse; a new full-spectrum white LED lamp has been developed for the sameWhite LED grow lights have less red light coupled with a higher amount of blue & green light along with some far-red light, which is beneficial for the healthy growth of cannabis.  

Our Light services cater across industries (as you will read below), and the process is easy: 

  1. Free Building Assessment:
    We evaluate your facility’s existing lighting and assess your specific needs. 
  2. Custom Proposal:
    Your proposal includes a customized lighting recommendation, ROI, and payback calculations.
  3. Install Plan:
    We conduct a final walkthrough and schedule your installation appointment. 
  4. Utility Approval:
    We work with your utility to obtain project approval and maximize your rebate.
  5. Installation:
    A new lighting system is installed with minimal disruption to your organization. 
  6. Start Saving:
    Save up to 75% on your lighting electricity usage with quality LEDs.* 


Who can benefit from our Services?

EnerSavings Inc. is a versatile company that caters to different categories of businesses. We believe in engineering excellence that has been crafted through dedicated service, quality control, and innovation. If your company falls in any of the below brackets, we would love to hear from you: 

  1. Retirement and Nursing Homes:
    These are places where senior citizens and those in dire need of help reside and are catered to. Security, comfort, and good living conditions are what they strive for, which is why they need timely renovation – all this within a budget. We help in beautification and energy conservation for up to 75%! Automation further enhances this process. 
  2. Commercial and Industrial:
    Energy management is extremely important for any commercial and industrial organization. Overhead costs are usually sky-high, because of which companies may have to cut corners with regards to essentials – nobody wants that. Also, lighting is essential for optimal work output, and that is where EnerSavings comes in! Our products help inefficient lighting that results in energy savings, thereby increasing your productivity and profits! 
  3. Healthcare and Medical Facilities:
    One of the most important sectors, this is one of the few sectors where power is needed round the clock – which is why they are always looking for ways to save electricity. Proper lighting benefits patients in multiple ways; for one, they tend to recover sooner. Our multifunction luminaires provide flexibility to suit both patients’ and staff needs by providing ambient light, night-light, and nurse-light options. Needless to say, our products and services have helped countless institutions like these cut energy costs.  
  4. Warehouse and Manufacturing:
    Businesses are constantly looking to expand. This means more time at factories, resulting in more manufacturing, and more warehousing needs – this all translates into higher overhead costs too, which is a major burden to business owners. Our state-of-the-art lighting helps cut operating costs by up to a whopping 75%! This in turn will help save the earth 
  5. Multi-Residential and Businesses:
    Residential complexes and office complexes have to be well lit from dusk to dawn, at least. That means a significant amount of money will be spent on electricity, which is why they need better solutions to save energy. Families must be happy, and employees too, and we at EnerSavings have the perfect solution for this combination! 
  6. Logistics and Transportation:
    Transportation and logistics is an industry that works 24 x 7. Long operational hours result in hefty energy bills; the electricity rate is not going to reduce year on year either. This is why the need for sustainable buildings keeps increasing, and we are essential to making that happen.  

This was just a window into who we cater to. Here are some numbers so you know it is the right way to go! 

Yearly Savings 

We are masters of saving energy; in fact, you can reach out to us for some energy-saving tips. We are sure that you will after looking at what is below: 

How our future can shape yours 

Our target in the next 10 years is to reduce carbon footprint by amount. Here is how: 

“The world is changing faster than ever before; business is no exception. The operating expense of companies is being impacted by the continuous increase in hydro cost. We are committed to providing a sustainable and tailored energy-saving solution, so our customers reduce operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, boost the efficiency bottom line with no capital investment required. Our team of professionals, engineers, and consultants are committed to providing a white-glove service including, but not limited to, free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation.” – Navi Salaria, Director of Operations, EnerSavings Inc., 

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