Technology Driven Solutions for a Better Tomorrow By Olivia D’Elia, Sustainability Manager

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Our world is changing rapidly, every day. New technology phases out its predecessors, and innovative brands, their competitors. Generally, companies pump money into each facet of their business in order to decrease costs, lower OpEx and make their company more profitable. This takes ingenuity, cash and green energy products.  
Our vision – to become your technology driven solutions provider for a better tomorrow. 
Our mission – to reduce operating expenses, lower carbon footprint, eliminate maintenance, boost efficiency and bottom line with no capital investment required. 
This is made possible with EnerSavings white glove service including, but not limited to free building assessment, custom proposal, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation. Our services amplify the vision and mission statements – here‘s how: 

LED Smart Lighting 

LED lights were introduced about a decade ago, and at exorbitant prices. As their advantages in terms of low power consumption, better light dissipation, and longer life expectancy became more prominent, demand started increasing and prices started decreasing. Fast forward 10 years and LED lights are predominantly used across sectors, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial because of these very benefits! We offer clients a hassle-free process that includes a free audit, custom proposal, install plan, utility approval, and installation – thereby making us a turn-key service provider in this field!  

EnerSavings Smart Valve 

Water is precious – this is something that’s been taught to us since school. Money saved is money earned – this is something that’s also been taught to us. However, it’s difficult to save money on water usage despite conservative water measures. Your current water meter measures volume, it does not know how to differentiate between water and air. This has you paying for air pockets as well as metered water.  We, at EnerSavings offer a state-of-the-art solution – The EnerSavings Smart Valve. It’s universal size and fit is user adjustable and can easily be installed by a licensed plumber, and is calibrated post-installation. It ensures better water flow and savings up to 30% on water bills with no drop in pressurization. 100% guaranteed or your Money Back !!!  

LED Grow Lights 

The legalization of cannabis has gotten cultivators on their toes – quite literally – to ensure better yield, both in terms of quality and quantity. They can be watered regularly; however, the more sunlight, the better their growth. This becomes an issue for 12 hours due to the absence of sunlight – that’s where Grow Lights from EnerSavings comes to their rescue! With a low and controlled temperature, the cannabis can’t dry up; and absorbing light 24/7 helps it grow quicker, and better, thereby increasing the cultivator’s output. These lights can be used for floriculture, vegetable farming, vertical farming, and greenhouse farming, among other things. Our state-of-the-art, water-cooled fixture delivers more micromoles and 50% energy savings from existing conventional lighting.  

Making Tomorrow better, Today 

 EnerSavings means energy savings. Our goal is to create a better planet for generations to come while sustaining growth. All of our services are driven to ensure 50-75% energy savings, eliminate maintenance, reduce carbon footprint & lower operating costs. We’re one of Canada’s leading solution providers in the water and light industry able to perform at the highest level for your firm.  

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