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Water is essential for life on Earth; it’s also in limited supply. You’re probably wondering how, since roughly 71% of the planet is covered with water. We’ll explain: 

  1. About 97%+ of all water on Earth is salt water, which isn’t potable. 
  2. Of the 3% that’s fresh water, only 0.5% can be consumed. 
  3. The remaining 2.5% comprises of glaciers, ice caps, or a part of the water table. 

Conservation of water is getting tougher by the day due to rising populations and industrial consumption. This needs to be a collective effort. Want to know why? Let’s find out! 

Why Do We Need To Save Water 

Water saving techniques are many and conservation isn’t a job just for farmers, city planners, scientists, environmentalist, and foresters, among others. It’s up to each individual and industry to take this up on priority for the following reasons: 

  1. Preserve the Environment
    Reduction in water usage has a ripple effect on the energy required to process and deliver it. Lower amounts of fuel will be used, thereby slashing pollution and benefiting the environment.
  2. Minimize Drought
    The water cycle ensures that water returns to Earth; however, it doesn’t always replenish the same spot with the same quantity and quality. Conserve water to future-proof Earth from droughts.
  3. Reducing Bills
    Water bills comprise a major chunk of industrial expenses due to the sheer amount of water consumed. Reducing this will ensure lower outgoings, I.e., higher profits to reinvest in the business! 

Since awareness on saving water’s increasing, there are many industries taking this up on priority. With technology at the helm of business operations, it’s bound to play a huge role here too. Let’s see how technology can help save water and consequently reduce water bills. 

How Technology Can Help Save Water and Reduce Water Bills 

We need 2 things to save water and reduce bills – great resolve and cutting-edge technology. Luckily, we’re being educated about both. Check out how technology can help: 

  1. Real time Metering
    Conventional meters require manual reading which is why most service providers read them once a quarter, half yearly, yearly, or bi-yearly. Basic bills are generated and sent to customers with no insight on water consumption. However, with the advent of smart meters, reading and billing has become automated and in real time. Industries can now understand their water consumption patterns and use conservation methods where possible. Additionally, service providers can implement on and off-peak water delivery to help.
  2. Control Flow Remotely
    Water leak detection was daunting and tedious; technology has changed this. Leaks can now be detected and property managers alerted about the same. If they’re in close proximity, water flow can be stopped manually. However, technological advancements have reached a stage where this can be done remotely too! This is especially beneficial for industries with many employees. The person in change can remotely shut off the water flow once each employee vacates the premises to ensure zero water wastage.
  3. Managing Water Distribution
    Utilities require sufficient water supply to perform optimally. Managing water distribution is extremely complicated. Technology has enabled service providers and property managers to understand the demand and supply of water through a simple dashboard. This helps understand the usage pattern and optimize supply accordingly. It also helps ascertain where excess water is being used and how much can be saved. In addition, you can figure out when and where more or less water is required and plan the way forward.
  4. Data
    It’s close to impossible understanding current water usage and planning the way forward without accurate data. People seldom think that they’re using excess water; however, with access to statistics and data, they understand the harsh reality. Modern technology gives industries access to accurate, real time data which enables them to reach their goal of water conservation and saving on expenses. 
  5. Energy Star Appliances
    Appliances certified by Energy Star are guaranteed to be eco-friendly by consuming less electricity and water. Appliances advance with technology, and those bought years ago will consume more water and energy than newer ones. For instance, an Energy Star certified Washing Machine uses about 50 liters of water for a load while conventional washers use about 90 liters. Over time, these savings pile up and make you a ton of money, so imagine how much you could make (and save water) with such industrial appliances.
  6. Outdoor Irrigation Systems
    Many industries have large outdoor areas which are to be maintained. Often, these areas have plenty of green cover for landscaping and beautification; needless to say, this requires significant amounts of water. Smart tools such as outdoor irrigation controls can use rainwater to maintain greenery; automated sprinkler systems are another tool. Soil moisture sensors help transmit data to the sprinkler system that activate only when necessary. 

There’s a lot of planning that goes into choosing the right technology for your industry and property. However, we’d like to introduce you to a versatile device that you can use anywhere! Meet the EnerSavings Watergater Valve. 

The EnerSavings Watergater Valve 

The EnerSavings Watergater Valve is an ingenious way to save on water bills. Our proprietary technology ensures accurate water meter readings by compressing air in the water flow. This ensures maximum savings from day 1 of installing the device.  

  1. It can be installed on pipes of all sizes – talk about being versatile!  
  2. What’s more is that any licensed plumber can take care of the installation process.  
  3. Whether you’re building a condominium, managing a hotel, dealing in multiple properties, are into textile and manufacturing, or oversee a retirement home, it’s the perfect device for saving on water bills. 

Enjoyed the overview? Interested to know its benefits? Let’s deep dive! 

Benefits of the EnerSavings Watergater Valve 

The EnerSavings Watergater Valve offers those businesses spending exorbitant amounts on water the best value – a one-time investment to permanently reduce water bills by up to 30%. Check out why else you must have this device: 

  1. You will not have to pay for air in your water flow as it increases water density. 
  2. Meter accuracy is guaranteed as the water flow rate is kept in your desired range. 
  3. Eliminates water wastage due to excessive pressure. 
  4. If the facility doesn’t have a flow regulator, it will help conserve water. 
  5. Acts as a shock absorber when there’s a fluctuation in water pressure. 
  6. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. 
  7. You can return in within 90 days if not satisfied. 

The benefits this one device offers are amazing! You’re sure to bid adieu to high water bills after installing it. Want to know the way forward? Here goes! 

Way Forward 

If you’re looking at slashing water bills by up to 30% permanently, this is a great way to start. You can then reinvest profits into the business for further expansion. Contact us on to get started. We will then study your existing property and give you a FREE Audit, post which you can make your decision. It’s been our aim to help customers save their money and we strive to do this in different verticals – Lighting, Water, and Natural Gas. Check out our website for more details or follow us on TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn. Remember – we’re your trusted energy advisors. 

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