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The world is fast-paced and constantly evolving. There’s something new that each field has to offer on a regular basis, and the energy sphere is no exception. With the operating costs of businesses increasing exponentially, there had to be a solution sooner or later; we chose the former. Our goal is to provide technology-driven solutions for customers to reduce their operating expenses, eliminate maintenance, and spike their efficiency with 0 capital required. However, these aren’t the only reasons we’re a unique company. Here are some more: 

  1. Innovative and Sustainable Solutions: 
    Our team consists of engineers and consultants in the fields of lighting and water and are committed to providing white glove services including, but not limited to free building assessments, custom-made proposals, provincial & federal incentive applications, and project implementation. 
  2. Incentives: 
    Making an upgrade is an exhilarating experience. How’d you feel getting incentives on making an upgrade? That’s exactly what we offer! Various retrofit programs offer different incentives, thereby boosting your ROI with lowering payback periods and a positive cash-flow upon project completion. We’re your agents for incentive applications at no extra cost! We will find the best programs for your business in order to maximize your incentives.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: 
    We’re an extremely green-minded company and are committed to strategizing business towards the reduction of carbon footprints. Our vision is to make the planet a better place for future generations. This comes right from the top management; they’re firm believers in ‘giving is receiving. 

Now that you know how we’re different from other organizations in our field, let’s see what we have to offer! 

Our Services 

LED Lights 

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode, and they’re now widely used globally due to their power efficiency, wider light angles, and increased life span. We don’t just supply you with the product – we give you a professional consultation after auditing your property. Our team is versatile, with engineers, architects, and designers – as a whole, we offer comprehensive services. Our company specializes in offering energy-efficient lighting.  

About this vertical at EnerSavings 

Here at EnerSavingseach and every lighting retrofit will be effortless for your organization with our 6 Easy Steps Process. As the project manager overseeing LED installations, we only work with the highly experienced electricians and top-rated products to seamlessly transition your facility into a brighter future.  – Steven Wang, Senior Project Manager 

Benefits of LED Lights 

  1. Efficiency: 
    The power consumed by an LED light is considerably less than that of a traditional bulbIn other words, a 6-watt LED bulb can produce the same amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent bulb does. Multiply this with the number of lights you have and you’re sure to have massive savings on energy bills! This is essential for energy efficient buildings.
  2. Long Life:
    Technology used in an LED bulb ensures an extended lifespan. This is possible due to their durability and energy efficiency. In regular bulbs, the filament weakens over time, which causes the bulb to die; however, in LED bulbs, the amount of light they produce gradually decreases in a process known as ‘lumen depreciation’. Ultimately, LED bulbs do not need to be changed nearly as often as regular bulbs so you can enjoy the benefit of reducing your overhead costs.
  3. Low Heat Emission:
    While a traditional bulb heats its filament to produce light, LED bulbs emit electromagnetic energy when electrified. In other words, they turn energy into light instead of heat, thereby operating at a significantly lower temperature than traditional lights. The slight heat generated is absorbed by a heat sink and dispersed away from diodes. Therefore, LED lights are optimal for use in heat-sensitive areas.
  4. 180 Degree Light Emission:
    Unlike most other lights that incur 360-degree emission due to design, LEDs emit lights only in 18 degrees. This means that light reaches only areas that you want it to, thereby reducing electricity costs. For example, a standard bulb that emits light will do so on the ceiling as well, thereby wasting unnecessary power whereas the LED light emits it straight to the objects in focus within 180 degrees.
  5. Environment Friendly:
    One of the main reasons that companies are making the switch to LED technology is because they are made of non-toxic materials, thereby not harming the environment on disposal. They are considered ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ since they can be recycled. 

With a plethora of problems that this one service solves, there are bound to be plenty of industries that are a part of this shift. Here’s a list of industries that we cater to. 

Industries that we service:

1) Retirement and Nursing Homes: 

With diminishing eyesight comes the need for brighter lights, and that’s exactly how we plan and design retirement and nursing homes. In addition, security, comfort, and an awesome living experience are must-haves, which makes LED lights the perfect fit. 

2) Commercial and Industrial: 

Offices and industrial spaces demand good lighting for maximum productivity, and that’s just what we deliver. We distribute lighting efficiently in a way that increases productivity, reduces electricity bills, and keeps the environment happy. 

3) Healthcare and Other Medical Facilities: 

One of the most important sectors, healthcare and other medical facilities ensure proper recovery of patients. Studies suggest that better lighting is beneficial to patients and acts as a catalyst to speedy recovery and alertness. 

4) Warehouse and Manufacturing:
Due to cut-throat competition in this market, businesses must reduce their operating expenses and increase their overall profits. LED lights are a fine blend of these two factors in addition to being an eco-friendly energy source. 

5) Multi-Residential and Businesses:
These facility types have the burden of meeting the needs of large & diverse groups. This along with reduced operational costs is a tough ask until we install our LED lights! 

6) Logistics and Transportation:
Using the right lights and lighting controls can improve safety standards by increasing employee productivity. Energy efficiency is of utmost importance in such places due to the area size and long working hours. 

You now know the advantages of LED lights and the industries catered to. Interested in us taking up a project? Here’s the 6-step process to get started! 


Hassle-free Process 

Free Energy Assessment: We evaluate your facilities’ existing lighting.  Custom Proposal: A detailed customized proposal is made.  Install Plan: Final walkthrough conducted before work begins.  Utility Approval: We work with your existing utilities to maximize rebates 
Installation: Complete installation starts with minimal disruption to your property.  Start Saving: Sit back and save! 

TheWatergater Valve 

Water, like electricity, is a resource that must be used conservatively. There are some people who do, and some who don’t follow this principal. However, water bills tend to be high irrespective. This is because the water meter counts air in the water during the reading. Watergater Valve was born to tackle this very problem. It uses our state-of-the-art technology to increase water density while running through a meter, thereby improving accuracy and reducing your water bill.  

About this vertical at EnerSavings 

“As the field operations manager, I can ensure that your Watergater Valve installation is executed quickly, without compromising quality of service. In most cases, the Watergater Valve will be installed in under 4 hours, with no disruption to your business.” – Dennis Shabaga, Field Operations Manager 

Benefits of Watergater Valve 

1) One-time Installation:
The universal size and fit of this device means that once it is installed by a certified plumber, the user can adjust it as per their requirements. The end consumer can turn the water off to uninstall or readjust the device. Save money, time, and avoid any interruptions in delivery of water. 

2) Better Flow:
The Watergater Valve can be adjusted as per the water pressure you require. It is installed at ‘Zero’ setting and can be adjusted to anything between this and maximum pressure according to your needs. Due to this, it eliminates water wastage due to excessively high pressure and conserves water in areas without flow regulators. 

3) Save 15%-30% on your water bill:
The Watergater Valve is designed to reduce your water bills by ensuring accurate water readings. This is possible by maintaining a pressurized column of water to the meter that collapses any air present. 

Industries We Service 

1) Condominiums:  

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Due to their size, condominiums have plenty of water inlets and outlets. Water bills will be substantial, along with other outgoings. These bills pile up, and are a massive expense at the end of the year. However, water bills can be significantly reduced with The Watergater Valve. 

2) Hotels:  

With water required 24/7 x 365 days, the water bills in hotels are massive. They need it not only for maintenance but also for customers. Saving money by using less water isn’t always in their hands; but by installing  The Watergater Valve, they cadefinitely save money by getting accurate meter readings. 

3) Property Management Companies:  

When companies take possession of multiple properties to sell or rent them, expenses are many. They include maintenance, electricity, water, and more. One thing that can be controlled is the water meter, with the addition of The Watergater Valve. This will bring at least one portion of the expenses down substantially. 

4) Textile and Manufacturing:  

Textile and manufacturing companies require constant use of water, which increases the overall operational cost. LED lights can reduce electricity bills and Watergater Valves can reduce water bills – luckily, we provide turn-key solutions in both these fields. 

5) Assisted Living and Retirement Communities:  

The more people in an area, the more water that will be consumed – this holds true for assisted living and retirement communities as well. Where water is used by many for multiple things, bills tend to be high. This can be countered easily with Watergater Valve. 

Hassle-free Installation 

Universal Size and Fit Device that is user adjustable (one size fits all icon)  Easily installed by a licensed plumber  Sized to the pipe and calibrated post installation  Sit back and save money! 


Grow Lights 

Commercial Grow lights have become a norm in the ‘field’ of cannabis due to the super output they deliver! The plant grows better and quicker, which results in more produce throughout the year. It’s a relatively new market, which is why cultivators aren’t aware of the best practices; that’s where we come in. EnerSavings LED Grow Lights help growers maximize their output after analyzing their existing lighting with the help of our lighting consultants and then provide optimal solutions. 

About this Vertical at EnerSavings 

As the project manager, we understand the growth and yield is key to your business’s success. Working with EnerSavings will take out the guess work with each and every step of the LED retrofit process, we work with experienced consultants, professional engineers and industry leading manufactures to bring you the best-in-class product and service. – Kenny Kwan, Senior Project Manager 

Benefits of LED Grow Lights 

1) Quicker Harvest:  

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Plants require sunlight to grow; however, this happens only for half the day, which is why they take a considerable amount of time to grow fully. With our LED grow lights, this process won’t pause, which will result in quicker harvest of legal cannabis, thereby maximizing the cultivator’s output. 

2) Better Plant Health: 

Traditional lights tend to dry up plants due to their high temperature, which results in poor quality produce. With LED grow lights, the temperature is low and light, controlled, which is why it isn’t too harsh on the plant. This results in happier and fresher plants, which will result in better revenue. 

3) Controllable Spectrum:  

Most LED grow lights have built-in switches that give growers the power to control the colour spectrum for changing needs of their plants.  

Industries We Service 

1) Medical Cannabis: 

Light is the most essential element for growing healthy cannabis. Plants need maximum light during their growth stage, and LED grow lights ensure they get this round the clock for best produce! The quicker and better they grow, the earlier patients get access and the earlier they’re on the road to recovery. 

2) Floriculture: 

Flower farming is the process of cultivating different types of flowers, naturally or via breeding, comprising the floral industry. Each form of plant requires maximum light during the growth phase, and various HID grow lights from EnerSavings can be used for this process. 

3) Vegetable Farmhouse: 

Leafy vegetables require the perfect amount of sunlight and just the right temperature for optimal growth. Water-cooled LED grow lights are the perfect ‘fit’ for this! They help in maintaining consistency in taste and color, and ensure leafy vegetables grow to their full potential in no time. 

4) Greenhouse Farming: 

Farming in greenhouses is a tried and tested, super effective way to grow plants. Our versatile LED grow lights ensure that they aren’t in the way of sunlight during the day and replace it well during the night. This way, you can control the amount of light you’d like and alter it seasonally. 

5) Vertical Farming: 

Vertical farming is a largely growing field due to increased land costs and lack of space. Our LED grow lights are designed in a way that they needn’t be more than 5 inches away from the plants. In addition, they’re sleek, so you can add as many lights as your HVAC supports and give your plants the light they deserve for healthy growth. 

6) Inter-canopy: 

If you want healthy indoor plants, you need the best lighting to make up for the absence of sunlight. EnerSavings LED grow lights allow indoor cannabis cultivators to grow the best quality plants from the root level up. The quantum of light can be adjusted at any point in the plant’s life cycle.  

Hassle-free Process 

Free Lighting Assessment: We evaluate your facilities’ existing lighting.  Custom Proposal: A 35 page detailed customized proposal is made.  Install Plan: Final walkthrough conducted before work begins.  Utility Approval: We work with your existing utilities to maximize rebates 
Installation: Complete installation starts with minimal disruption to your property.  Start Saving: Sit back and save! 


Energy-efficiency is a must in the 21st century. If you’re looking at energy efficient lighting, reduced water bills, or healthier legal produce of cannabis, EnerSavings offers turn-key projects in these sectors. What’s even better is that we will conduct a facility assessment that’s absolutely FREEWe are the leading technology driven solution company in Canada and aim to offer services that benefit both your business and the planet! Call us (+1) 800 874 3470 or email info@enersavings.com for more information. 


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