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The world has been undergoing a major shift – one of technological transformation; and we’ve done a mighty good job so far! Whether you talk about water, natural gas, or lighting, each industry is in the midst of evolving to tackle global warming and climate change by increasing energy efficiency. What started out as a preference for personal properties is now becoming a norm in commercial areas – take a smart lighting system for example. We’ve gone from conventional lights to LEDs and now the IoT (Internet of Things). Keen to know more? In this blog, we’d like to tell you all about this solution and why a business like yours should consider it a viable investment.  

What is Smart Lighting? 

The term “smart lighting” has several connotations – it helps businesses achieve their goals (reduce costs & emissions), involves an automated component/artificial intelligence, and helps influence people in the way that you’ve designed it to. An advanced way to light your commercial property, Smart Lights use LED technology coupled with the Internet of Things and connects to an app so property managers can control them remotely. This offers unparalleled convenience and control over lighting fixtures coupled with analytics for energy consumption data. However, it goes beyond convenience and electric power sustainability. They’re also essential for employee safety – we’ll show you how. 

Smart Lighting and Reducing the Spread of Covid-19 

The pandemic has changed the way we work. We’ve gone from reality to the virtual world within a span of weeks, which has caused businesses to look at newer avenues of handling work seamlessly. However, with a good number of citizens vaccinated, companies are now starting to work from offices. Employee safety remains paramount, which is where Smart Lighting plays an important role. It enables people to access lighting without touching any common equipment – avoiding such hotspots is essential to reduce the spread of Covid-19. If this isn’t reason enough for you to adopt smart LED lighting solutions, we’ll give you 5 more. 

5 Reasons why Businesses like Yours should invest in Smart Lighting 

If you thought smart lighting is just about how a commercial property looks, that isn’t the case. There are several benefits of investing in such technology. We’ve listed down 5 main reasons that should appeal to your business: 

  1. Massive Reduction in Operating Expenses and Lighting Bills
    LED Lights are made with state-of-the-art technology that enables them to be highly energy efficient and last long.
    – Once traditional lights are replaced with LED Lights, businesses can expect massive savings on lighting bills up to 75%!
    – With a lifespan of 50,000+ hours, 1 LED Light is estimated to run for as long as 30+ incandescent bulbs, thereby saving businesses 100’s of dollars in maintenance costs.
    – This enables companies to save huge amounts of money and reinvest their profits into business expansion.
  2. Increase in Employee Productivity (Colour tunability)
    Employee productivity is directly proportional to the quality of light in an office premises, and Smart LED Lights can help keep this at maximum levels.
    – Brightness and color temperature control are 2 main features that help keep productivity levels optimal.
    – Colour temperature should be kept at around 4,000k to reduce melatonin levels in our bodies to ensure we don’t feel lethargic. 
    – A cool lighting color can be chosen during the summers while a bright color can be used in the winters to keep lighting levels comfortable for employees.
  3. Building Automation Systems with IoT
    Building Automation System (BAS) helps control electronic appliances connected to the Internet of Things within a premises.
    – Property managers can control lighting, HVAC systems, and other devices connected to IoT remotely to minimize energy wastage.
    – Schedules for automatic on and off time can be set to ensure they’re always available when needed and shut off when not in use.
    – IoT ensures lighting goes way beyond just illumination as it can be used as per user preference, unlike traditional lights. 
  4. Sensors for Data Gathering
    Sensors are installed across the property to understand usage patterns and optimize ROI.
    – Occupant movement is monitored continuously to understand their real-time light usage patterns.
    – Sophisticated dashboards provide complete data and analytics to property managers in order to maximize ROI.
    – These data-driven insights help in controlling energy consumption, room availability, property monitoring, and provide security alerts.
  5. Reduction in Carbon Footprint
    A major advantage of LED Lights is that they help reduce a company’s overall carbon footprint.
    – Most companies today understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and have undertaken measures to lower their greenhouse gas emissions.
    – Non-toxic elements used in the manufacturing process ensure there’s no damage done when they’re disposed.
    – They use fewer natural resources due to high energy efficiency, which is beneficial in the long run. 


It’s amazing how technology has progressed to the level where lights don’t just do the job of illuminating a property, but much more. We’re sure you’re keen on thinking about Smart LED Lights as an investment, so here’s a list of industries that EnerSavings can help. 


Who can benefit from LED Lighting Solutions 


EnerSavings is a brand focused on helping as many industries as possible reduce their operating expenses and carbon footprint. We’re expanding to newer industries as you go through this blog, but here are the ones we cater to as of today: 


  1. Retirement and Nursing Homes
    – Aged people often face visibility issues among other ailments.
    – Adequate lighting enhances their visibility and provides a feeling of security.
    – LED Lights promote healthy sleep patterns by helping seniors maintain circadian rhythm.
    – Reduced lighting bills make this a win-win situation.
  2. Manufacturing
    – High ceilings and large properties are general characteristics of manufacturing units.
    – Quality control is essential for smooth operations.
    – LED Lights illuminate the entire premises with adequate lighting.
    – Guaranteed reduction in OpEx and carbon footprint.
  3. Commercial and Industrial
    – Employee safety is paramount at these sites.
    – Constant use of traditional lights amount to significant UV and IR radiation.
    – LED Lights are safe to use as they don’t emit such radiation.
    – Lighting bills can be reduced up to 75%.
  4. Multi-Residential and Businesses
    – Occupants of residential and business properties enjoy well-lit assets.
    – This, however, must be possible keeping operating expenses minimal.
    – Smart LED Lights are energy efficient and reduce lighting bills significantly.
    – The entire property becomes more eco-friendly.
  5. Healthcare and Other Medical Facilities
    – Patient recovery is priority.
    – Smart LED Lights can be controlled remotely so patients aren’t disturbed.
    – Such facilities will rarely face downtime due to the lights’ long lifespan.
    – A reduction of up to 75% on lighting bills reduces fiscal burden.
  6. Logistics, Transportation, Warehousing
    – These are industries that are working 24 x 7 year-round.
    – Productivity must be optimal for customers to receive the correct consignment on time.
    – LED Lights’ brightness can be adjusted to maximize this.
    – The facility’s carbon footprint will decrease drastically.
  7. Food Processing Plants
    – Such facilities have lighting constraints that must be met. 
    – Stringent measures are maintained to keep food fresh.
    – LED Lights remain cool and can withstand high temperatures.
    – They can easily be cleaned and have high durability.
  8. Horticulture and Plantation

If you’re a part of any of the above industries, we’re sure you’ll give this a thought. Better yet, how about a Free Audit from us? See how you can start saving! 


Why EnerSavings? 


With so many service providers in the market, customers are bound to be spoilt for choice. So, why choose EnerSavings? We’ll give you the gist. 


  1. White-Glove Service 
  2. 500+ projects completed 
  3. Benefit from Government Incentives 
  4. Reduced CO2 emissions by 113,918 metric tonnes 
  5. Industry experts to help reduce your operating expenses and carbon footprint 


We’re a brand looking at the bigger picture – happier clients and a greener environment. Want to start saving? We’ll tell you how to proceed! 


Start Saving with LED Lighting! 


Business goals, whether to reduce operating expenses or carbon footprint, can be met with by installing LED Lights. As your trusted energy advisors, we can start this process by giving you a FREE Audit! All you need to do is get in touch with us at info@enersavings.com or +1 (234)-567-8910 to get things started. To know more about our LED Lighting Solutions, please visit www.enersavings.com/ledlights or check us out on LinkedIn.  

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