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How Technology Can Help Save Water

Water is essential for life on Earth; it’s also in limited supply. You’re probably wondering how, since roughly 71% of the planet is covered with water. We’ll explain:  About 97%+ of all water on Earth is salt water, which isn’t potable.  Of the 3% that’s fresh water, only 0.5% can be consumed.  The remaining 2.5% comprises of glaciers,...
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How can we make our Buildings Green?

Global warming has been a major problem for years, and it’s only escalating. There are plenty of reasons for this increase; industrial emission of Greenhouse Gases is a major one. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, industries contribute to 20%+ of total emissions. They are also massive energy consumers, which is why companies are setting sustainable goals. For instance, companies have been...
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Future of Cultivation and Importance of Automation

Evolution of Agriculture  Agriculture, like other fields, has evolved exponentially over the past decade. The number of growers has increased, and so have the methods to grow different crops, including cannabis; crop growth has become of primary importance.  Greenhouse farming, indoor farming, vertical farming, and inter-canopy are newer ways that growers cultivate their produce.  Due to lack of access to natural...
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Technology Driven Solutions for a Better Tomorrow By Olivia D’Elia, Sustainability Manager

Our world is changing rapidly, every day. New technology phases out its predecessors, and innovative brands, their competitors. Generally, companies pump money into each facet of their business in order to decrease costs, lower OpEx and make their company more profitable. This takes ingenuity, cash and green energy products.   Our vision – to become your technology driven solutions provider for a better tomorrow. Our mission – to...
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Transformation from Conventional Lights to LEDs

Every Country does its bit towards the betterment of society and the environment. The Government of Canada made an announcement in 2007 to increase performance standards for lighting. Ever since there’s been no turning back.  In 2011, consumers and industries were given time to prepare for new lighting standards. The standards shared one main goal – to improve energy...
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EnerSavings And Our Services

The world is fast-paced and constantly evolving. There’s something new that each field has to offer on a regular basis, and the energy sphere is no exception. With the operating costs of businesses increasing exponentially, there had to be a solution sooner or later; we chose the former. Our goal is to provide technology-driven solutions for customers to...
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The EnerSavings Way of Life!

Today’s world is a dynamic one and is evolving at an astounding rate. We only ever hear of things getting better and prices going up, but that is not how we like things. Ever wondered what the root cause of price increase could be? A massive factor is an increase in overhead costs, i.e., rent, electricity,...
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