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Achieving a Carbon-Neutral Future: EV Charging in Canada

Revolutionary inventions throughout time have opened doors and created opportunities people once thought to be impossible and that includes motor vehicles. While they’ve provided a sense of freedom and independence to many, as well as a safe way to travel, they have also had irreparable effects on our environment. A major contributor to depleting natural resources, such as fuel to power them, motor vehicles also produce a significant amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Now, in the face of climate change, it’s time each person takes action in all ways possible.

1. The transportation sector accounts for 27% of Canadian greenhouse gas emissions and nearly half of that is attributed to light duty motor vehicles.

2. To aid in decarbonization, the Canada’s Infrastructure Bank intends to invest $500 million in large-scale zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) charging and refuelling infrastructure that is in the public’s interest, as well as revenue generating.

3. As emphasized in Canada’s climate plan, A Healthy Environment and A Healthy Economy, clean and affordable transportation is essential to making healthier communities.

4. Key measures outlined in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Budget 2022: A Plan to Grow Our Economy and Make Life More Affordable include a mandatory sales target of 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

Through awareness and innovations, more people have been realizing the benefits of EVs and making the choice to transition away from gas-powered vehicles, as seen by the increase of sales by 89% from 2020 to 2021

Source: www.theicct.org

Now, Canada’s charging infrastructure must catch up to the increasing demands of EVs. Although the country currently has 15,000+ public and semi-private EV charging stations, more will be required and with the help of private business owners.

Why Canadian Businesses Should Install EV Charging Stations

“Electric vehicles are an essential strategy in the immediate term to reduce local emissions and help improve local air quality.” – Kevin Emerson, Utah Clean Energy

There are a number of ways businesses can benefit, even from installing a few EV charging stations including the following.

  1. Promote Sustainability

Transitioning to EVs and installing electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is a major part of Canada’s climate action plan but it also includes sustainable development of the public transportation infrastructure. Businesses that are able to power EVSE with renewable energy sources, such as solar power, can help drastically reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainability.

  • Promoting carbon-neutrality

As Canada has implemented mandatory wired electrical outlets in new residential buildings, the installation of Energy Management Systems (EMS) can provide insights to energy usage and tools to manage, reduce and conserve consumption. In addition, the EMS helps prevent residents from paying peak load charges.

  • Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP)

A $680 million initiative ending in 2027, ZEVIP aims to correct the lack of charging stations in Canada by increasing the availability of localized charging. Business owners can utilize this program to the fullest by getting up to 50% of their total project covered, up to $5 million.

Further to these benefits, EV charging has great importance in the bigger picture of how Canada can help combat climate change and help the economy.

The Importance of EV Charging

Estimated that over 67% of Canadians next new vehicle will be an electric vehicle, there is still more than 30% of the population apprehensive due to the high investment and lack of public and private charging stations. Investments from businesses and consumers alike are more important than ever as found by a survey conducted by KPMG that indicated 62% of Canadians intend to purchase an EV in the next 5 years and of them:

  1. 77% in British Columbia and 75% in Quebec are in the market to purchase an EV, compared to few people in Alberta (54%), the Prairies (48%) or Atlantic Canada (55%).
  2. 79% of consumers aged 18-44 are very likely or likely to purchase an EV within the next 5 years, versus 58% of those aged 45 years and older.
  3. 89% would like to see EV charging stations at all gas stations, as well as shopping malls and grocery stores.
  4. Of those who purchase an EV, 59% also plan on purchasing their own charger.

Investing in EVSE infrastructure will aid in working toward a carbon-neutral future by helping consumers transition to EVs. As EV charging stations are still a major deciding factor for many, we must prepare for an electric future. As trusted energy advisors, EnerSavings can help businesses achieve just that.

EnerSavings: Electrifying One Building at a Time

An up-and-coming EV charging station provider in Canada, EnerSavings has a unique way of completing installations with end-to-end project management in 4 easy steps.

  1. Acquisition of Information – request to info@enersavings.com
  2. Provide your building name, address and number of spots for EVSE installation
  3. Contact details of your property manager or property management company
  4. Your last 12 months of energy bills
  • Scheduling the Site Audit & Presenting the Proposal
  • A site visit will be scheduled within 10-14 days of receiving your request
  • Access to your electric vault, main communication room and parking garage will be required
  • Based on the visit, a proposal is drafted, outlining options and recommendations based on your building
  • Project cost, rebate options, and electricity cost recovery management is included
  • Once the building capacity is determined, EnerSavings will recommend the best system suited to your needs
  • Meeting with the Condominium Board
  • After reviewing the report, you decide on the EV solution to implement
  • Next steps, including project timeline, are determined and the rebate pre-approval applications are signed
  • Bylaws, Policy & Rules for EV Charging are taken into consideration
  • Project Management
  • EnerSavings creates an EV ready plan and submits the rebate pre-approval applications
  • Project scope is finalized along with commercials
  • Assist in handling the bylaws will be provided and in accordance with policy and rules for EV charging

When ready, step into the future of electric vehicles with the help of EnerSavings and help Canada achieve a carbon-neutral future.

Contact Us Today!

A leading energy management company, EnerSavings is proud to aid in the decarbonization of Canada by bringing EV charging stations to buildings everywhere by supplying and maintaining EVSE’s from the biggest brands – namely LG, Leviton, ABB, Siemens and Eaton EV Direct. With unique and affordable subscription plans, there is no down payment, and you pay $99 monthly, including maintenance. To learn more, visit www.enersavings.com or contact us today via email at info@enersavings.com. Together, we can achieve a carbon-neutral future for all Canadians.

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